Thursday, October 11, 2012

Love you til the end of time

Olivia didn't think they'd all come.

She gasped for air. All she could hear in the silence was a sound of a heart monitor machine flatlining. The sound would not go away.

Still life was happening. Her parents were here from the Philippines. So were her real mother and father. Her sister.

But Olivia couldn't say for sure what was going on. Just that Ravi wasn't here.

His parents arrived. His sister, too. They'd all congregated at her dad's place. There were people from the police station. It was very formal.

But more people came. Roger and Ryan. Nick and Heath. Ellie. Syd. And even Amber's husband, Scott arrived.

Olivia didn't even ask about Amber. He squeezed her tight. Told her nice things about Ravi. Olivia could barely look at him. It was all sort of a dream. But the sound, so monotone..never went away.

It was a lot to grasp. She remembered Penelope's words though. What she'd said about Ravi. All his police training.

Obviously, it hadn't been enough. Still his supervisor remained adamant that Ravi was in a bad place at a very wrong time. Nothing more.

Olivia supposed it would have been suspicious to question, what was Ravi doing. They referred to him as being on the Evidence team.

Perhaps she'd discuss this more with Penelope. Get her facts straight. Still it was going through the motions now. A part of Olivia felt as if she weren't even there. That quite possibly she was with Ravi, somewhere. And they were both ghosts now.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, poor Olivia. :(

Sara said...

Such a hard time for her! I can't even imagine :(

lucy and sarah said...

I'm sure she feels lost.

meg said...

oh so sad.

ivy's closet said...

These are hard times for her, ahead.