Wednesday, October 10, 2012

my heart it breaks every step that I take

Luc stared at the article on his laptop. He was completely numb. He didn't know how to respond, or even if he should. He could barely blink.

"What's wrong?" Dorian set a cup of coffee next to him on the kitchen table. The house was really quiet. Maybe too quiet.

"Uh..its.. Olivia." He sighed deeply. "I mean, its about..her husband..Ravi."

"What?" Dorian winced as if how was that possibly.

"He..well..20 people benefited from him." Luc sighed. Not sure he could put it into words. Someone was getting his eyes, another his skin, even another would have his heart. "I guess, he actually, died on the scene. But, but the paramedic brought him" He couldn't even imagine what Olivia might be going through. After all, he hardly knew her.

He'd given blood that night just because.

Tears burned Luc's eyes now. Ravi was obviously an amazing guy. Organ donor, as well.

Dorian set down and Luc told him about the night at the emergency room. He'd set with Olivia for awhile.

"It was..I to explain it. It was like I was wanting to know this different Olivia. Like the one I danced with. I mean... Olivia is really sweet. She was a wife, you know. And..God, I wish I knew her better." Luc pressed his lips tighter. He knew she needed to be with her family now. And she had Ryan, too. There was her sister. A lot of people cared. He sort of met them, but not really.

A part of him felt he'd suddenly showed up in the wrong play. How could he possibly know what to say? She was certainly better off without him. It was so shallow. Their little moment at the club. Thank God, it hadn't ended in a one night stand. He supposed that was a sigh of relief. Still, he'd thought about her, thinking it was all so mindless now.

"But you're Luc," Dorian's smile was like a comfort. "You're a good guy. You should be there for her. Some how. She needs all the friends she can have right now. And you are the best when it comes to being friends."


Street Fashion Paris said...

Talented as always!!!

meg said...

A terrible time. Especially, for Olivia.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Olivia. What a tragedy! :(

Sara said...

Such a tragic time, I am glad he is still trying to find a way to comfort her throught this, so terrible :(

Anonymous said...

Great post as always.

Bonnie said...

What a tragic time. One word: Bummer.
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