Tuesday, October 9, 2012

can't take my eyes off of you

Dorian wanted to believe his life was back on track. Maybe he'd been slipping for a while now, but didn't want to notice it.

Back in September he'd been to a house-party. It seemed like a blur now, how he got invited. It was from a mutual friend of Cedric's. Dorian didn't know who would be there. He should have expected Cedric, who was obviously in high gear, and the center of attention.

Of course, Dorian avoided him from a distance. He'd drank a few drinks. Then he saw who else was there. Derrick, who was quite chummy with Cedric. Dorian thought his heart sank that night. He'd left as soon as he saw them together. He  couldn't put himself through that.

But he was fine. He thought so. All though, it was awful to think of Derrick and Cedric together. He'd lost a lot of sleep over it. Still, there was Luc. Classes were normal. Everything was going to be fine. Sooner or later, he expected.

He still had his job. He even got along with Josie. Of course, she never mentioned Derrick. He didn't ask. Possibly, he was a mute subject.

Then the picnic at Henry's freaked him out. He really wouldn't have gone if Luc hadn't taken him. Actually, when he heard free food, he was there. It wasn't like he was out to meet anyone. But there was Henry, who'd found someone new.

Luc couldn't wait to mention that to Dorian.

"You can find someone new, too." Luc sounded so positive. Dorian assured him he wasn't going to. He felt worse than ever now, thinking of that house party. He didn't want to hook up with anyone.

Yet, he got side tracked with Ruben. Dorian supposed Ruben was only trying to make Lynsey jealous at the wedding. Still, he'd punched his number into Dorian's phone.

"Let me hear from you." He was all smiles. Definitely, Dorian was captivated by him. Only, he sensed it now, Ruben only wanted a drinking buddy. Dorian certainly couldn't hold his liquor. Obviously.

Now he felt even lower than before. But he was determined not to go to any more house parties. He wouldn't let himself fall in such a pitfall. Everything was on track. Especially, with his first semester of college. Everything would have been so normal if there wasn't that lab partner he had to contend with.


"I can't stand him!" Dorian couldn't help but vent about him. Eli was always right. About everything. He was bit OCD. Everything needed to be by the book. "I want a new lab partner." How had this happened?

"Hold on, it can't be that bad." Luc persuaded him to get through the class. "He's pretty good with this chemistry stuff, isn't he?"

Dorian guessed Luc was right. He'd probably get a good grade in class.

"Then..you'll probably never see him, again." Luc smiled as if that was a plus. He needed to keep thinking this. Eli was a Math major and Dorian was still undeclared. It was a Freshman class. It was doubtful he'd ever see him, again. Once this class was done. They were only lab partners.

Just when Dorian thought it would be over soon, Eli showed up at the coffee shop.

"I need your help." He informed him.

Dorian winced in disbelief. He'd never seen Eli smile before. It was kind of weird.

"What kind of help?" Dorian slightly scowled.

"I need a book from the library." Eli put it quite simply.

"A book? Can't you get it?" Dorian thought this was a strange ploy.

Eli told him since he lived in the dorm he couldn't have a library card from the public library.

"But you live off campus." Eli eye-balled him, even with a smile. "You have a library card, don't you?"

"Uh.." In fact, he'd had the same library card since he was five. He certainly didn't want to get it out and show off his archaic hand writing. "I dunno."

Dorian kept staring at Eli trying to be as indifferent as possible. Eli always wanted to be in charge when it came to their chemistry assignments. He barked orders as if he might be a full fledged chemist, already. Did he really want to have to deal with that in a supposedly harmless situation?

"Come on, its just one book." Eli winced.

"But..what if you..lose it?" Dorian didn't need that kind of stress.

"I won't lose it. I'll meet you there. I'll show you what I need." Eli's smile was so sly. He wasn't giving up.

"When?" Dorian was a bit suspicious. He was certainly sure... this wasn't a date.


meg said...

At least Dorian is being cautious..which is a good thing.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Executing caution is always a good idea.

Sara said...

I like that he is being careful, he is smart to do so.

Chris Ed said...

Dorian is really careful.
kisses chris

Anonymous said...

I love that look of Harry! Oh, and I love Daniel Sharman!

MOSAMUSE said...

no one needs any stress!