Friday, October 26, 2012

Its no secret

Asa was thankful that Rachel swung by the house on her way home. After all, he had so much food that Camille made, he thought he could feed an army.

He got her a plate warmed up of lasagna. She looked as if she could use it. Some extra calories definitely wouldn't hurt. He even got a container ready for Sam. He was determined not to let the gooey Italian dish go to waste. But he didn't want it for breakfast, either. Of course, Camille was still about with the baby. He wondered when she'd ever go home.

"Well, I met someone. And..and I thought you should know. Ruthie should know." Asa said before Rachel could savor the casserole.

"Really?" Rachel licked her spoon as if she could handle anything he told him.

"Did Ruthie ever know Jane?" Asa tossed the question out there. He told her about meeting her at the library. How she was a friend of someone who worked at the library.

He could tell instantly that Rachel wasn't thrilled with the news. The fact that Matt (Her sister Ruthie's late husband) fathered a baby with a stripper, no less.

"But..but she's not doing that anymore. She's going to be nurse." Asa winced.

"Well, just stay away from her." Rachel told him as if he shouldn't investigate this anymore.

"I just'd want to know." Asa didn't see the big deal. "Should I tell Ruthie?"

"I wouldn't. She's happy, at the church. She's in engaged, you know." Rachel sighed.

"Really? Already?" He squinted hard, thinking he'd never do that Amanda. Especially, so soon after her death.

"She's moving on. So should you, Asa." Rachel was very certain that he needed to put a stop to this nuisance. "Don't let this Jane, upset you, OK?"

"But..but..she's not upsetting me." Asa winced a smile.

"Trust me, you want to leave her alone. Tell me, you won't.."

"Won't? What?" Asa looked at her as if Rachel was hiding something from him.

"Get involved." Rachel got up and washed her plate. She would definitely not leave a mess.

"But.." He didn't know what sort of answer he was looking for, yet he suddenly felt the need to want to know this Jane who was the last to know Matt, probably better than anyone.

"Asa, you have to move on. Trying to pursue this Jane, is not moving on." She told him.

"Pursue?" He winced with a laugh. "What are you getting at?"

"I can tell already, you like her. You know, she wasn't good for Matt. She can't be good for you, either." Rachel eyeballed him.

Asa shook his head. He knew he should have kept this to himself. Finding Jane. But now, he couldn't help it. He wanted to know Jane. Now.


meg said...

Asa would see this as a sign. Yet, he's upset that her sister is getting remarried. So complex.

Gianella Peralta said...

Well, Asa should just go for it, I guess.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Asa has to do what's right for him. :/

Sara said...

I think he is finally doing something healthy, I hope this is good for him.

ivy's closet said...

Lets hope Asa knows what he's doing.

lucy and sarah said...

Its like Rachel should have told him the opposite to do if she wanted her results.

Chris Ed said...

Asa should move on! Ohh and I love lasagna! have a great weekend:)