Thursday, October 25, 2012

somewhere in the stacks

Sometimes, Rachel wondered what she'd gotten herself into. Not so much her quick marriage to Sam, but to all this education. Rachel knew she'd have to work her butt off if she was going to stick with education. Perhaps, still being a teacher's aid wasn't really helping even if a few professors informed her it was a great help. The hands on approach.

But here she was digging for all the children's books she needed on her list to write a paper, and she was dragging. Of course, she looked kid proof in her orange pumpkin sweater and relaxed slacks.

"Well, I found the few you were asking about." Audrey came with three extra books to put on Rachel's load.

Finally, Rachel plopped her stack on a kid's table in the Children's part of the library. She looked at Audrey in her big beige cardigan over a dark brown smock dress. She knew her, from somewhere. Rachel pondered a moment.

"You, sure you don't teach?" She winced in thought.

"No, I don't think you'd see me in the classroom." Naturally, Audrey was a whole lot more relaxed than any teacher Rachel knew.

"But..I know you..from somewhere." Rachel winced not wanting to think too hard.

Audrey shook her head. "Don't think so."

It would be Rachel's luck to remember where she knew Audrey from in the middle of the night when she was trying to dream about anything but school.

Just then Asa spotted her. He had a new picture of the baby on his iPhone to show her. He was definitely taking this Daddy thing in stride. He looked happy.

Rachel smiled when she saw the little baby all wide eyed, almost smiling and all that dark hair. She apologized about not coming to see him. He assured her he understood completely. Suddenly, he looked at Audrey as if he had a sudden brainstorm.

"I've..I've been meaning to call you. I-I met someone." He bit his bottom lip. "Its just..I'm I'm not sure here is a good place to talk about it."

Rachel smiled with a wince wondering who it could be.


Anonymous said...

Great writing, I love the name Audrey !

Cafe Fashionista said...

Discomfort abound. :/

Sara said...

Oh no, wondering what her reaction is going to be!

Winnie said...

I am like that too when I see people I recognise but don't know where from - it's so annoying when you suddenly realise a few hours later!

ivy said...

I dunno if he'll like what she has to say.

Mimi said...

i can't wait to find out what happens next! :)

<3, Mimi
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MOSAMUSE said...

cant see how rachel reacts