Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Just what did Dorian got himself, into?

"It'll be fun. We have to do something. Its Halloween." That silly grin of Eli's was just too much. It didn't help that he'd showed up at the house with a girl.

Dorian knew he should have said at that moment, he was sick. Honestly, he did feel he was coming down with something, or the fact that Eli was evidently very straight. He didn't even bother introducing him to his date.

"Dorian? Right?" She looked happy to meet him. "He talks about you all the time." Lena was riding in the backseat, Dorian rode shot gun. He could only imagine driving them back and Eli making out with her in the backseat. Dorian closed his eyes wishing he'd drove alone in his pickup truck. Of course, he would not be going to this bomb fire.

After awhile, he knew where they were going on this cold dark night. Cedric's. It was a Halloween bash. Dorian only sighed wishing he didn't have to go to the old farm house.

"What's wrong?" Eli was all casual. Lena lived in his dorm. It was hard to say if they were more than friends. Hopefully, this was not a bizarre set up. He wished he'd stayed home with Luc. They could be watching a marathon of Halloween Simpsons now.

"Its nothing." He'd have to let it be. Dorian was thankful he'd never tried in the least to make this anymore than friendship with Eli. Yet a part of him wished he'd told Eli early on ..that he was gay. Yet, he wanted to be Eli's friend. And they might not have been friends if he'd told him.

Soon they were at the farm house and a big pile of wood was a blaze out back. They neared the party with loud music in the cornfield. It definitely looked kind of ominous, yet there were plenty of kids, many looked to be high school age along with college people. And there were plenty to drink. Lots of red cups filled with foamy beer.

Dorian stood back with his hands in the pockets of his thermal vest.

"Hey, dude!" Someone spoke up from behind him. Dorian looked around to see someone from high school. It was Van from the football team. He was a senior now. "You're alive, after all!" Van was all grins as he slapped his thick hand across Dorian's thin shoulders. Van was already a little drunk as he swayed against Dorian.


"So, meet any babes yet, in college?" Van let out a belch. He was in dark tee-shirt that said BOO and cargo shorts. Van was definitely a heartland native in his attire. He definitely thrived on the fall chill.

"Not exactly." But he pointed to Lena that he'd came with. "She's..a ..friend." He guessed.

"She's smok'n hot." Van grinned as if he'd go for her in a second, but he took a sip of beer instead.

Dorian wondered if Van needed a ride home. Instead, Van wanted Dorian to punch in his number on his cell.

"Why? So you can drunk dial me?" Dorian kind of laughed, hoping Van would be OK. Only, he remembered he'd been here with Van before. Last year. They'd had a good time at Cedric's. Of course, Van was only there to get high, have a few laughs. Naturally, Dorian didn't see Cedric anywhere in sight. He looked up when he heard laughter.

Derrick. All smiles and definitely the center of attention. He was trying to show them how it was done, drinking for quarters.

Finally, Van went to see what the game was about. Dorian noticed Eli was alone.

"Where did Lena go?" Dorian wanted to know.

"Bathroom." Eli shrugged.

"You let her go, alone?" Dorian winced. What kind of boyfriend was he?

"Look, she was the one who wanted to come to this thing. I didn't want to come alone with her." Eli winced hard as if he were a driver, nothing more.

"Oh." Had he gotten this wrong about Eli? Still, it was best not to make much of it. "Do you...even drink?"

This was new. Dorian told him about the alcohol poison. He couldn't drink. "Maybe its..its a bad idea to be here."

Dorian kept watching Derrick chug down more cups of beer.

"But its Halloween." Eli looked at him as if they had to do something.

"Yeah, I guess we're too old to trick or treat." Dorian felt quite sad. Everyone was having such a good time. Well, he might be ruining Eli's evening.

"What kind of tricks, you got any in mind?" Eli's smile was open.

"I'm no Chris Angel." Dorian winced wondering if that were a come on line from Eli.

Dorian got an unexpected answer there by the glowing fire.


Chris Ed said...

Cool Halloween chapter and it's never too old to have a good time!

Cafe Fashionista said...

It seems like this could turn dangerous. :/

Sara said...

Wow, there is a lot to factor in here! Wonder what the end of the night will bring?

Natasha Gregson said...

Love the Halloween twist-so intriguing :)



ivy's closet said...

I do wonder what happened.

lucy and sarah said...

Wow, it might be something exciting!

Winnie said...

Oooh Halloween, wonder what is going to happen..

MosaMuse said...

whats going to happen?? tell us tell us!! hahah


cady said...

Somehow it always winds up sad. Everything ends.

I say you're never too old to trick-or-treat, but that's just me.