Wednesday, October 3, 2012

thin ice

Penelope possibly knew more about what was going on with Ravi than Olivia ever knew. But all she could do was be there for her sister now.

"He was doing some undercover work." Penelope finally let slip.

"But how?" Olivia could barely breathe with all the tears. She looked as if her world had come undone as her loose hair fell from her ponytail. "I would have known."

"No. He wouldn't have said." She shook her head. Had Olivia forgotten about the months he'd been away. Training. Actually. "I'm sorry. But he was good at this. He had an education." She sighed. Of course, it was too late now to think Olivia would be an obstacle in his career. She felt sure Olivia would have been against it, but Ravi was a cop.

Olivia's face swelled in emotional pain. It was as if a new wave of agony hit her. As if she was left to pick up the pieces. Olivia shook her head. Penelope put her arms around her. She looked up to see her Dad  and their mother too. Of course, Ryan and Roger came for support, along with a few other friends. Ravi's parents were on their way.

Penelope was sure no one would go home until Ravi came out of the coma.

Elliot came at last. He got her mother to relieve Penelope of her duty to be by Olivia's side.

"You can't over do it." He was concerned about her emotional state with the baby due any day. "You have to face facts. Ravi might not ever be the same." Elliot told her once he got her down the hall toward the coffee machine.

"I know." Penelope hugged him quickly.

Chances were machines were only keeping Ravi alive for his parents to see him.


Street Fashion Paris said...

I always enjoy your writing!!!

meg said...

A very emotional time. Such a horrible situation.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Olivia. I so hope Ravi recovers. :(

lucia m said...

love it!



Chris Ed said...

I ´m sad about Olivia! Bad time...
hope you have a great week:)

MOSAMUSE said...

feel sorry for olivia