Tuesday, October 23, 2012

think about it

Any moment, Henry thought he might crack up. He knew that look Josie was giving him. He wanted to elbow her in the lunch line, but that would look pretty ridiculous since she was about a foot shorter than him. He took a deep breath. Did his best to keep a straight face. But God knows, he wanted to tell someone.

There was Audrey, but he'd been doing his best all week not to be alone with her. She'd get every detail out of him, and he certainly didn't want to give details. He was going to be passive quiet about this. Very quiet.

Josie chose the grilled cheese sandwich and salad. He picked the meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Finally, they made their way to their lunch table.

"OK, spill it." She wanted to know all about this camping trip with Shan.

"It was nothing." He did his best not to let his lips curl up. He breathed trying not to laugh. Honestly, he felt as if he were some place up in the clouds. Not here with Josie, who looked like she might stab his hand with her fork if he didn't come clean. "OK, so we went to this huge barbecue place, where you get the meat right off the pit. We spent over 80 bucks there. Actually, Shan did. He wouldn't let me pay for any of it." Perhaps his smirk was more clown like than anything, but he went on about their adventure. "Shan really knows his camping gear." Henry sighed. "I'm not even sure if..we really camped out at a state park. He's so good  in the outdoors."

"Henry?" She looked at him as if she couldn't take another bite of her salad until he told her what was making him smile like the cheshire cat. "Is that all you did?"

"Well..." His eyes lit, thinking he didn't want to say it. There were some things left private. He would not give her the satisfaction... that yes, something did happen in the great outdoors. In a river bed of all places. In the moonlight. He caught his bottom lip. It was amazing, fascinating and quite possibly heavenly, but Josie really didn't need to know that. "I think we could go just about anywhere now. I love traveling with him. I really do." His smile was quick. "We didn't just camp. We spent the day at UT. He used to live there when he was a kid."

"You spent the day at a University?" She looked at him as if it were the most boring trip ever.

"Oh, I got you something." He got out the beaded bracelet from his jeans pocket. "See, I remembered you, even when I was in Texas."

She took the bracelet and put it on, as if all was well.


Chris Ed said...

Henry is still just too excited about the camping trip. ans Josie is really curious!

meg said...

Some things are better not to boast about.

That was sweet that he brought her back something.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Henry is too cute! :)

Natasha Gregson said...

Love it when he's trying not to smile-I am so like that haha!!



Sara said...

Well someone is happy!

MOSAMUSE said...

aawww i think its cute he got her something!!


ChicStreetChoc Eriel said...

love this!
pics are amazing!

ChicStreetChoc Eriel said...

love this!
pics are amazing!