Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What would Nancy Drew do?

"I'm only trying to help," Camille said to Asa. She was in her work clothes. Possibly, she tried too hard to be career minded at work in her simple black A-line dress and black pumps. It was the kind of job she could have worn her P.J.s No one really saw her in the radio box.

 She'd stopped by to check on Asa. Although, she said she wanted to see baby Dylan, who was snoozing in his crib at the moment. Asa was only working afternoons lately. She was filling in until he actually found someone to look after the baby.

"I know you are." He promised her that she was helping them. "You, need to find some time for yourself."

Camille winced at that. "Sure, of course." She thought of Gabe at work. Always trying to make her stay late. For what? It was supposedly meetings, but usually it was mainly to talk about himself and the things he needed to acquire to make his life better. She avoided phone calls from Drake, the one she left behind in South Africa, at all cost. Maybe she would never grow up, but what if she really was the grownup, after all.

Instead, she took off her shoes. If only, she'd changed before she got here. But he was leaving for work, anyway. Slowly, she was drifting away from Asa too. Even if it didn't look that way to Josie. Perhaps, Camille was meant to be alone.

Finally, she got him out the door and on his way. He'd be back at six. "We'll talk then."

"Fine." She'd put some stew on, in the crockpot..meanwhile and get the kitchen cleaned up while Dylan was still napping. Still she felt so overdressed for these duties.

Camille headed for Asa's room. Naturally, she felt as if she were invading his privacy. All she wanted was to put on something comfortable. She switched on the light and headed for the closet. Nothing but suits there. Next she went to the dresser.

There were snapshots laid out across the dresser. But it wasn't photos of Amanda. No, these where photos of Asa, when he was younger. His hair was longer. He was with some guy. Dark eyed, dark hair. They were both smiling a lot. Some were pictures at the lake. They were barefooted with fishing poles.

She looked through drawers before she forgot why she was in his room. Finally she found some yoga pants and a tank top. She didn't think they were Asa's. She changed clothes. It was a little snug.

Suddenly, Camille knew who's clothes they were. They belonged to someone shorter than her. Amanda. He was still holding on to her things. Camille felt a cold chill. Maybe it was wrong to wear her things, but she didn't want to mess up her dress. She'd change back into her clothes before he came home.

Camille looked at the pictures once more. It finally donned on her who was in the picture. This was the guy who'd killed Amanda.


meg said...

I wonder what Camille is up to?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, putting on Amanda;s clothing is definitely not a good idea. :/

Sara said...

I feel that Camille has good intentions, but doesn't really think things through sometimes.

ivy's closet said...

Camille always likes to be a little sly.

lucy and sarah said...

I do wonder what Asa plans on doing too..seeing he has Matt's pictures out.

MOSAMUSE said...

ooohhh camille!