Monday, October 1, 2012

You're my kryptonite

It really didn't sink in right away. Why Luc was at the emergency room.

The wedding was fun. Luc wished he went to more weddings. Lynsey on the other hand was pissed. She'd paid Ruben no mind, and maybe that's when he started the drinking game with Dorian. Just a few drinks. They chatted. There was laughter. Soon the three of them were back at Topher's place. More drinking. No Lynsey.

They drank. Not Luc. He was not into alcohol. Instead, he'd channel surfed, and found the most unusual program. Ricki's polka party.

Luc found more to smile about. This was Topher's Ricki. He'd seen pictures of her with Topher on Topher's phone. Yes, Topher was proud of his perky better half. She was adorable. Sort of the Betty Boop kind, yet more natural and sugar sweet.

"Come look!" Luc shouted enough. Topher had to see.

"Did you know about this?" Luc couldn't take his eyes off her. She was playing an according for God's sake. And then...

Topher's eyes widen. Total shock. Luc couldn't help but gasp a laugh. Even though it wasn't that funny.

"NO SHIT." Topher's exact words.

His woman was very pregnant.

Luc was sure this was the highlight of the evening. Well, the wedding was great, but this..priceless.

Luc was off to bed then. He'd say good night to Dorian. He was a little unsure if it was flirting or what, going on with Ruben. Anyway, Dorian was asleep on the couch. Actually, completely OUT on the couch.

"How long has he been this way?" Luc asked Ruben who was still drinking beer as if there was no tomorrow.

He only shrugged.

Luc jostled Dorian, no emotion what so ever. Actually, dead to the world. He shook him good. It was as if the life of him was gone.

Next thing, they were at the emergency room getting Dorian's stomach pumped. And all Luc knew to do was wait and see if Dorian would be OK.

He walked the white hall, wondering if it were possible to get out of this maze. Suddenly, he felt like an awful friend. Why didn't he notice sooner? About the drinking. Dorian was the easiest to get along with. He had to be OK.

He turned the corner and there was Olivia. Suddenly, Luc was wide awake.

"What happened?" Luc was in shock.

 She looked up and wrapped herself around him before she breathed a word. Even then, he wasn't sure what she meant.

"He..he.." She choked on more tears. It was something to do with detective work. He was only helping. Just evidence. "They thought he was in a gang." She blurted.

"Oh." Well, Luc didn't know Olivia referred to Ryan as a he and to think Ryan was in a gang. He winced hard, in disbelief. That was just wrong. Luc sat down with her.

"" She swelled with more tears. She got out her wallet, showed him a picture. It was a different story completely than the one in his head. She was married. But not to Ryan.

Luc looked at Ravi's picture. Ravi was in the operating room at the moment.

"He's lost a lot of blood." She told him.

"Then..then..I'll go..give..blood." He got up as if he didn't belong here.

"No, no..don't go." She grabbed his hand. A part of himself felt wounded. Imaging the gunshots that hit Ravi.

Luc set down, listening. It was horrible. Horribly bad news. What kind of people were they? To shoot him in the face.

"Try not to think about it," he said. "Just think of him in a good place. OK?"

She shook her head and told him how they picked raspberries over the summer in her Dad's back yard. "You have to know, when they are ripe. And he always knew."


MOSAMUSE said...

aaww omg. hopefully it will be a speedy recovery and everything works out!

meg said...

So many highs and so many lows. What a way to start October.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, poor Ravi. I hope that he's okay. :(

Alessandra Carlomagno said...

nice post!
kiss kiss

ivy's closet said...

A very emotional time. So much happening.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope Ravi is OK.

Cait said...

Such a troubling time.