Sunday, November 4, 2012

a little thing called love

Crosby wasn't sure what Daisy's parents were expecting from him. He wasn't a magician. No way could he just make her appear. But he was worried too.

Sure, they had their squabbles as if they might be siblings. It felt that way. Yet, things were changing. They'd been so close over the summer. The four of them went a lot of places together. The park, the pool, to movies. It was great going out with another couple. Daisy and Max. Crosby and Lola.

Crosby could get used to this. It felt normal, and he'd never really had that completely..until now. Then when things started to go bad for Daisy and Max..he really didn't want to know of it. He could only hope it wasn't contagious. As it was, he and Lola were tight. He wanted to keep it that way.

He'd started college which wasn't that much different than high school. He still lived at home with his grandmother, who had to be the worst to keep track of. Had Daisy been around his grandmother too  much?

"I swear she's turning into my grandmother." He informed Lola who went with him to the mega grocery store to track down Max.

Finally, they found him in the International foods, cutting the price on refried beans.

"Do you know where Daisy is?" Crosby said almost out of breath, thinking he could be studying over at Lola's place or even the library.

"Why would I know?" It was news to Max. After all, he did have his own fan girls to tend to. Everyone seemed to know Max that worked there, especially the females, old and young. Yet, Max seemed rather oblivious to the fact. There he went with the price gun, on the tops of shiny cans.

"Her folks haven't seen her since Halloween night." Crosby told him.

"I'm sorry. I know nothing." Max sighed. "We haven't talked..."

"Maybe..if you call her..or text, she might respond. She could care less about me." Crosby told him.

"She's not gonna talk to me." Max winced as if it would be a lost cause to even try. "Maybe Derrick's seen her."

"Derrick?" Crosby winced. That was the last person he wanted to talk too. "Will, you ask him?"

Max put down his price gun in his back pocket and took out his cell. Naturally, Derrick didn't answer but Max left him a message.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Definitely not a fan of the presence of that weapon - I hope no one gets hurt. :/

ivy's closet said...

Its interesting how a breakup can put a strain on another couple. Hopefully, they'll find Daisy soon.

lucy and sarah said...

At least Max is hard at work with that price gun. He seems to be doing the best he can after their breakup.

Anonymous said...

The gun isn't going to solve anything, he must know that.

ellie said...

um..sorry..if you guys think Max has a gun. Its only a price gun. He's actually just doing his job at the grocery store.

Crosby and Lola found Max at work at the grocery store, to talk too.

MOSAMUSE said...

:( no guns