Thursday, November 1, 2012

all saints day

Derrick didn't like what he saw. In fact, he might have swallowed a quarter when he saw that guy kissing Dorian. How did he not know Dorian would be at Cedric's Halloween party? Of course, Derrick was caught in the middle of a beer drinking game. He needed to chug more beer, and suddenly, he forgot what he was so mad about.

That's when he saw Daisy.

It was the last thing he remembered, trying to get to her. Trying to get that dude off of her. It was as if chivalry wasn't dead, after all.

But it was different now. All was quiet and he didn't know where in the hell he was..and Daisy was with him. In bed.

His head felt like cement, and he was sure he could cry metal from his eyes if he tried. It even hurt to breath. His sides ached. There was no way he could make it to school today. Derrick yawned. It finally donned on him. He was in the basement at Asa's. His old room. Nothing had changed.

He shook the thought  he might be dreaming as he rose up on his elbows. He squinted. Where were his clothes? Where were her clothes?

This was not good. He wanted to jerk himself out of bed, put on something and get out of here. But he was moving slow and it was almost noon. The house was totally quiet.

Finally, he pulled on some boxers and made his way to the bathroom. Maybe no one was home. He crept up the basement steps. But he noticed the kitchen lights were still on. He guessed Asa was still here, and Derrick felt as if he were in a block of ice. A cold chill took over him. Yes, he was really sick. This was the worst hangover ever.

He couldn't remember a thing with Daisy. He was trying to save her from somebody. But who? He bit his upper lip, trying to figure out what to do. There was coffee. He needed some.

So he sat with the coffee for the longest time at the dining table, and then he saw Camille staring at him. She was with the baby.

"Are you sick?" She looked at him wide-eyed.

"Yes." He could barely say. His head throbbed.

"The school called." She told him.

"When?" Derrick squinted.

"I dunno, Asa wasn't here. I told them you were sick." She was even lipped as if she were a very good liar.

"You saw Daisy?" He wanted to know.

"No, I saw your car down the street." She looked at him as if he'd said too much. "You, sneaked in. Asa doesn't even know you're here."

"Mr. Oblivious." Derrick rolled his eyes.

"What's this about Daisy?" Camille was curious.

"Nothing." Derrick looked at her pissed that she'd question him. "It was some Halloween party." Still Derrick thought if he threw up, he'd feel better. But it was too late. Camille handed Dylan over and Derrick thought his heart might melt.

"I'm going to make you, pancakes," she said as she went to the kitchen.

Dylan looked up at Derrick. Instantly Derrick smiled. Dylan had filled out the blue sleeper. His little body  was strong and vibrant. Derrick only wished he could say the same about himself.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Derrick. I hope he's okay. :/

Sara said...

I feel bad for him, I hope Daisy is okay too.

Anonymous said...

Poor Derrick :(

ivy's closet said...

Halloween can reek havoc!

lucy and sarah said...

What a party! Hope he's learned something from it.

Take me to Tarah said...

What a Halloween party!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to many more.
Tarah Danielle
Take me

MOSAMUSE said...

aww poor derrick!

Chris Ed said...

I hope Daisy will be ok! I feel sorry for Derrick.