Monday, November 12, 2012

as luck would have it

dorian'sgray day

Dorian looked at the back of the post card one more time. He was thinking of tossing it as soon as Ricki gave it to him. What in the world did Ruben want? He was the last person Dorian ever expected to hear from.

Dear Friend,

I'm in Vancouver. Come see me for Thanksgiving.


Here was a chance. He guessed. But it didn't feel right. Not in the least.

Ever so often, he'd get a bit of a memory about that night with Ruben. It was something of the oral nature. Naturally, Ruben wasn't giving. Just anticipating the receiving.

Dorian felt a bit disgusted. But he knew everything about Ruben, he already wanted to know. Ruben thought he was a sex god.

Dorian could imagine it in his head. The scenario being some houseparty on a cold winter's night where Ruben knew everyone and would have nothing to do with him. Dorian was certain how it would be, and he wouldn't dare to go to Ruben.

 Dorian ripped up the Greetings from Canada post card and put it in the bin.

"Who's Ruben?" Ricki was making some herbal tea, and brought him a cup. She sat down at the kitchen table with him. She was wearing one of Topher's flannel plaid shirts, and a pair of gray thermal undies for leggins. She really looked ready for winter in her comfy Uggs.

"No one, really." Dorian was sure Ruben wouldn't even know about the alcohol poison.

"I had no idea you were into Canadians...or maybe they are into you." She remarked as she sipped her hot tea.

"He's not even a friend." Dorian thought it was strange that Ruben even knew his address. He didn't know his last name. Besides, Dorian needed to turn his attention to Eli. Although, that was not exactly blooming, but that was OK. He went to his room then as if he needed to be alone to sort this out.

He laid back on his hunter green plaid comforter with his hands behind his head, only thinking of one person. Eli

Of course, he'd discussed this with Willow, about Eli. They'd talked about Eli long before the kiss. She was weary of him. In fact, he was sure Willow would have told him to schedule his flight now to be with Ruben. She thought Eli might be too much like her brother.

"You don't want to get mixed up with someone like Jonah." Willow warned him.

"Eli is just shy." Dorian told her when he mentioned Eli to her weeks ago. Besides, they weren't quite out of the friend zone yet. But he knew it was different now. He guessed.

A part of him longed to be with Eli. It made him happy to know that Eli kissed him first. He didn't have too. Yet, Dorian might be the more practical one. The one who had to take this very slow and not expect too much from Eli.

He did think of Eli as bright minded, smart, yet awkward, possibly even a little bitter..sometimes.

Hopefully, the whole kiss wasn't a fluke. But there was that lapse of not knowing if Eli even wanted to see him again. It was almost a week since that kiss.

A tap came at his door. It was almost like a dream. But it was real. Eli kissed him before Dorian even had a chance to say hello.

"I got a job." He was excited.

"You did?" Dorian smiled.

"Yeah, at the mall. I'm selling phones now." Eli was all grins. They kissed more passionately, as if this was the place they were supposed to be. Here at Dorian's. Celebrating.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope he doesn't accept the invite. :/

Sara said...

Hrrmm, things could get odd here :(

ivy's closet said...

I think Dorian is on the right track. Definitely, stay away from Ruben.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad he's happy with Eli.

Natasha Gregson said...

Sucha confusing situation. Ruben sounds like trouble, I think he needs to stay away from Canada, can't wait to read more!!