Tuesday, November 13, 2012

little decisions

Derrick didn't mention to Daisy he'd quit at the movie theater. Of course, he didn't actually quit until he found another job. And he didn't tell her he'd found a job where Max worked.

Also..he hadn't mentioned who Max was seeing at the moment, either.

Apparently, it might be too late for Max and Daisy. But then again, maybe this thing with the blond chick would play its self out, and Max would some how find his way back to Daisy.

He had to at least be hopeful. After all, he was taking a lot of chances, lately. At least, getting on at the deli helped. Derrick delivered the performance of his life how he wanted to go to cooking school. It didn't hurt that he'd had a little cooking experience down at Oliver's. He could have laid on a few white lies. Seriously, he just needed to get on with things.

Derrick even went to his first AA meeting. But he hadn't mentioned it to anyone. He still wasn't sure it was the best idea. Maybe he'd talk to Kyle about it. Hopefully, he was on the right path, and he was going to love making pizza dough for the most part.

Still he felt bad about things with Daisy. Somehow, he was going to make it up to her, or maybe she'd say, "STOP. Just don't make things worse than they are." Usually, he was rather good at doing those sort of things.

But he needed a friend. And he wasn't so sure he was Max's friend, anymore. Especially, with this Sara. Max was way to happy around her.

Yes, there was so much he could be depressed about. Somehow, he'd get through all this. And he knew, it was about time to start paying back.

"So, you should just quit the job at the movie theater." Derrick smiled as if it would be easy. Just as easy as babysitting Rosie and Jai while Kyle and Rox went out on an actual date. However, he needed Daisy over because he said he got bored easily, and that's what friends did.

She looked at him about as reluctant as she did when he said they were friends.

"Come on, it won't be so hard. I saw they were hiring at the China Buffet." He smirked. But she gave him the angry eye. Thankfully, Jai fell in her lap and she was all smiles. Sometimes, little kids were really lifesavers when it came to prodding a friendship along.

But he made sure she wasn't there just to babysit. They played old video games. The guys against the girls. Even a game of Twister filled with laughter ended the night before bedtime.

"So you're here for good, then?" She asked later when the little ones were off to bed.

"God, I wish." Derrick told her he liked it here. "But its just temporary. Its always temporary."

Still it was hard to get used to the thought. He knew he couldn't be sad. He wouldn't bring Daisy down, either. There was so much to look forward to. Derrick definitely wasn't going to mention Halloween ever again to Daisy. They needed to make the most of looking ahead.


blackberryfashion said...

great post :)


Cafe Fashionista said...

Looking towards the future is always better than looking towards the past. :)

Sara said...

I like Jai!

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Derrick has family around him, right now. Maybe that'll do him good.

MOSAMUSE said...

i like the name Jai :)