Tuesday, November 20, 2012

never going to change

lynsy and luc

Dorian wasn't expecting Lynsey to actually say anything to him. After all, he felt a little beneath her. She went out of her way to never speak to him. Luc and Willow were the only ones she'd talk to if she ever came into the coffee shop.

"Willow's at class." Dorian said as he got her usual, but she only wanted black coffee today. He'd have her on her on her way, and neither would have to cast their eyes on the other. She reached in her designer bag, gave him the exact change. Even pennies.

This was new. Usually, she reached for her debit card. He didn't think she carried nickles and dimes, especially not pennies. She was wearing a fashionable fall sweater over her mauve skinny jeans and brown riding boots. As always, she looked perfect. Not a hair out of place. He wondered if she woke up this fresh, or did it take most of the morning to get her lashes that thick.

"What is Luc's problem, lately?" She looked pissed as she glared at Dorian.

"What do you mean?" Dorian thought everything was great with Luc.

"He won't return my calls. I need to talk to him." Lynsey informed him.

"About what?" He said before he meant to. He knew it was a bad question.

"Why didn't he tell me have Leia's old place? Instead, he let Tyson move in." She hugged herself tightly and glared at Dorian.

"I guess he wanted to do something nice." Dorian shrugged, who remembered he was with Luc when he gave Tyson the key to Leia's apartment.

She shook her head. "That place should be mine, you know."

"But..but you have your own place." Dorian thought he overheard her speak of it. It was only a studio, but there was so much that came with the apartment complex. A pool, weight room, a bar. It was a haven for up and coming career oriented young people. She said it was the place to be.

"I..I wanted to move in with Topher. I let the lease go. Then..then he's got that pregnant girlfriend of his. I dunno what to do." She sipped her coffee. "I wanted to move to Leia's place so badly, but to share it with Ty. I dunno if I can make that work." She bit her bottom lip if she had a plan.

Dorian guessed Lynsey didn't plan on moving back home. But he couldn't see her moving into Topher's place, either.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I can't say that I'm a fan of Lynsey.

P.S. I LOVE your new header!! :)

Sara said...

She needs to get her act together!

Mimi said...

my sister totally loved your harry styles header! ;)

<3, Mimi
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ellie said...

So happy to hear your sister liked my header. I just couldn't help myself!

MOSAMUSE said...

cute new header :)


Chris Ed said...

I'm curious what Lynsey is going to do! I love the new header:)