Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just maybe

Rosie & Charity

How had this happened? Derrick held Rosie and Charity's hands at the grocery store where he worked. They were going to help him with the Thanksgiving dinner he was picking up. It was his way of helping. He guessed.

Rox had done way so much for him, already. Putting up with Daisy and him. So Thanksgiving dinner was on him. He got a discount because he worked in the deli. A part of him felt proud that he could at least contribute. Of course, now his brother and Dil wanted their own Thanksgiving dinner too. He was going to have two boxes to pick up. Oddly, Charity (his older brother's daughter) was spending Thanksgiving at Kyle's. It seemed she and Rosie had a new found friendship.

Derrick couldn't see why they wanted to be together. Of course, Rosie thought she was old as Charity, who was only in fifth grade, except one would think she was already in middle school. Still, Rosie wanted to be  as sophisticated. And they were with him. Each wore a sheer flirty skirt over their denim leggings and of course, tiaras.

They had to run by the checkout to see if all was OK for him to leave. And there was Sara.

"So who are these guys?" She was all smiles as she gave both of  the girls suckers.

"My nieces." Derrick shrugged. "Max's nieces too."

"Oh." Sara seemed skeptical of the truth as if they'd adopted him. "Is Max having Thanksgiving with you guys?" She said she hadn't seen him this week.

"That's weird." Derrick swore he'd seen him here last night. Possibly, there was trouble in paradise. Maybe Max was making his way back to Daisy right now. He was definitely for team Daisy. As of yet, Sara hadn't exactly won Derrick over.

"He said he would go to Mass with me." She sounded as if that was so much better than Thanksgiving dinner.

"Usually, he doesn't break promises."  Derrick kept staring at her as if she were all wrong for Max. Sara was probably calling all the shots, making Max work on a list of things for her. Probably had to even walk her dog.

He hoped he did see Max for Thanksgiving. After all, he was family. If only, he could get Daisy there too, then maybe it would definitely be Thanksgiving.

He walked out with his little fan club. It was a blast of cold. Fall was definitely kicking into winter. He thought he felt ice on his face. They hurried to the car.

"Was that Max's new girlfriend?" Charity wanted to know as he was loading up the car.

"Yeap, the one and only." Derrick got them situated in the car. He was being careful with his crew, even if they were eager to get back and watch Goosebumps movies.

"I don't like her. I want Daisy." Rosie chimed in, nursing on her red sucker.

"That's my girl." Derrick smiled back with satisfaction.

"Sara's nice. Sara really isn't bad." Charity reminded him. "Maybe you, should start seeing Daisy."

Derrick rolled his eyes. He started home in Amanda's old car, hoping the heat kicked in soon.  


Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe Charity has a point. :)

ivy's closet said...

Out of the mouth of babes. Maybe, he'll listen.

Sara said...

Maybe they are right :)

lucy and sarah said...

Lets hope Derrick will be wise.

caitlin and megan said...

I hope he'll have a good time with his family.

Street Fashion Paris said...

Love this post!!!