Thursday, November 22, 2012

rock me, again

Shan did not want to feel guilty, but somehow he did. It was the thought of how many things were there to feel guilty about.

1. He couldn't go out of town for Thanksgiving. He had work. He was there when they opened and got off at five so he could make it to Henry's for the big dinner at Henry's parents.

2. He still hadn't gotten rid of the pot. He went all the way to Texas, hoping for one big dreamy night with the ganja that once upon a time made him so happy, but then Henry came along and that changed everything. It was still in his sock drawer. Why hadn't he gotten rid of it? He was certain it was an old ghost to come back to haunt him one day, but his Dad was off with his new family to visit the new in-laws. He had the place all to himself. Sweet. It was a very good feeling to have.

3. He was with Henry now. Somehow he felt stronger, yet there was the reality that came with it. Yes, they'd been together. In fact, he couldn't think of anything better than it being just the two of them. But he wasn't sure if he wanted Henry in his room. It was a pit. He hadn't exactly cleaned it up to make it inviting. After all, there was work and school that made everything a little stressed. And he wasn't at all sure he was exactly the typical girlfriend. He was sloppy. He hadn't even tried to quit smoking even if he told Henry he would. At least try. There was just no time for that.  And there was the thought that he was certain Henry told Josie everything. For all he knew, Henry probably told Audrey too.

At the moment, he felt he was under the gun here. But he was all relaxed, still in his suit and bow tie from the movie theater. At least, he wasn't wearing his name tag.

"Come on, upstairs." Henry hooked his pinkie in to the crook of Shan's thumb. Shan was a bit startled. There were people here. Audrey and Aidan were chatting it up with Milo and his date. There was Milo's son that everyone was just fascinated with. Shan supposed they could slip upstairs for a bit, unnoticed.

"OK." Shan cracked a grin and let Henry lead the way.

Just as he expected, Henry's room was practically a motel room. Although, Henry didn't let him linger long. He got him out of his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt.

"You don't want to mess that suit up." Henry sighed with a grin.

"Oh." So that was it.

Henry kissed him as if this was the start of something. An invitation of some kind.

"Don't think about going home, tonight." Henry sounded as if he had plans.

"Really?" Shan's crooked expression wasn't sure if he knew what to think, especially when Henry tickled his abs. "Are you sure..." He bit a grin, thinking no way could they recap their big camping trip. Of course, they'd never actually been in a bed before.

"Yes, I want you here." Henry set down next to him, after Shan plopped down. It wasn't long until Shan was sprawled out on the bed. Henry was making this pretty impossible to be practical.

He felt more than extremely warm in Henry's presence. How on earth could he go back downstairs now?

"You're not thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?" Shan struggled to push himself up on his elbows, but was in a liplock, instead. The pressure was honestly killing him. Henry was definitely bringing a whole new meaning to Thanksgiving.


Sara said...

Sounds like they will have a great Thanksgiving ;)

Natasha Gregson said...

They sound like there certainly celebrating. I just hope he gets rid of the pot :/


ivy's closet said...

Shan's just a wee bit bad, but not that bad.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope things continue to be OK with these two.

meg said...

Definitely, a different Thanksgiving from mine.