Friday, November 23, 2012

treading lightly

daisy and cedric

Some people seemed to have all the luck, or at least Daisy thought.

All those people packing the theater, smiling faces. It was enough to send her over the edge, but she kept digging into the fresh popcorn to send happy buckets on their way.

"Smile, Daisy," Cedric stressed a smile. "Why aren't you smiling?" Just one of the requirement here. But she made a face at Cedric, which he thought was quite funny. Then he gave her a serious look, to get with the program.

She felt like a stuffed sausage in this monkey suit. She looked down at the dirty cuffs of her dark slacks that were too long. Daisy was dragging today. She didn't have any energy.

They were so busy. It was the day after Thanksgiving. People were suppose to be out shopping, not at the theater. Granted most were little kids and Dads, but still, she was dragging.

Derrick picked her up at closing on Thanksgiving and she'd spent the evening with him along with Rosie and Charity playing card games. Rosie loved to play Hearts.

Daisy supposed it could be worse. Her folks were yelling at each other, again. She should be used to it, but really she wasn't. She didn't think they'd ever get a divorce. Too cheap, she supposed, yet she had a feeling her Dad might leave, or what if it were her Mom? It was unsettling. She knew she couldn't hang out with Derrick every night.

Besides, there were thoughts of Van, still. Although, she was not speaking to him.  Which was so easy since he acted as if she didn't exist.

Anyway, there was work, and the ice machine to fuss with. She was pretty good at making sure the soda machine worked properly, too. Maybe that was why they kept her on. She'd learned a lot from Max when he was here. There was nobody quite as good at mechanics as Max.

Finally, it was her break. No way was she putting a nasty soda in her body. She reached for a bottle of cold water.

Daisy really hadn't felt quite the same after the morning after pill. She wanted to snap out of the funk she was in. Naturally, she went to check if she had any messages. Only from Josie, who had big plans for Friday night.

There was a local concert. It was for a good cause. Lots of local bands, and you could get in for five bucks if you brought a canned good for the homeless.

"I've got a date for you. Zak." She reminded Daisy.

Daisy snarled then. How did she ever get talked into this? Supposedly, she'd seen this guy, but she didn't remember. Granted, the last few months were a bit fuzzy. However, she hated being set up. She hated to ask if Derrick would be there. He probably would, but she'd hate to see him with anyone.

"I'm going to be too tired." Daisy texted back. She wanted to bail.

"You can't. You promised." Josie sent back a text a second or so later.

Daisy never remembered promising anything.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What's Josie up to now? :/

Sara said...

Poor Daisy needs rest, Josie needs to stop plotting!

MOSAMUSE said...

Josie seems a little shady

Milex said...


cady said...

Daisy seems so stressed.

meg said...

Maybe Josie thinks she's get Daisy out of this rut.

Chris Ed said...

I feel sorry for Daisy, I hope she will be better soon!