Friday, November 30, 2012

not quite a mystery

"Do you really wish you'd gone home for that American holiday?" Naturally, Fiona was being her very pleasant and her happy self.

Jonah tried his best to keep his smile very small. He really couldn't stand her happiness, and her strange arm still gave him the willies. But Gilly had his arms around her waist. His chin practically in the crook of her neck, as he clung to her like a wet noodle on her back side. There they were trying to give him a proper birthday. Hayley was there for their little dinner party.

He did his best not to look so grim. But it was rather impossible. He shook his head, no to her question. Seriously, he could barely have a conversation around her. There was no need too. She did all the talking. Oh, she fluttered about like a one winged bird. Happy. Smiling. Damn, if she didn't smell like raisin and oatmeal cookies too. It was driving Jonah crazy.

Finally, he blew out the candles on the cake. They sang the birthday song to him. It was completely miserable, but he decided to push a smile, as if he was glad they'd done something for him. At least, Hayley was here and she kissed his cheek as if he were the best. He couldn't help but beam.

"She's really sweet. You can't say a bad thing about her. Now can you?" Hayley said once they were alone in his room. Fiona and Gilly took the baby in the pram for a late autumn stroll.

"I know." He felt happy yet sad. Jonah nursed his bottom lip. Hayley looked so smart with her thick black glasses. She wore an old grey cardigan over her skimpy cami. Before he knew it she looked as if she were ready for a lingere cover, she took the sweater off and she was in her skinny black jeans.

Her hand touched his jaw as she coaxed him forward. She melted away the bitterness with a kiss. Jonah eased down on the bed.

He was thinking she'd question him about why he didn't like Fiona, but she was way ahead of him. As usual. Touching him as if she'd send him into an oblivion he couldn't awake from. They kissed for some time and there was an urge to proceed. Yet cautiously.

"Are you.." He wasn't sure how to ask as he struggled up on his elbows. She already removed the scratchy sweater he wore. "saving"

She laughed as if who would ever say such rubbish.

"For fuck's sake, Jo...Are you saving yourself for me?" Her face was next to his. He could see her so close, there on his bed. Her smile was brilliant.

"Yes." He managed.

"Well, then ...all this saving we're doing, we have to at least get a little happiness out of shan't we?" He felt her laugh, and then her touch. She certainly knew how she could get to him. It was an intense pleasure.

"I suppose." But Jonah had no idea what she had in mind. He was very vague with the process of knowing what happened next. Evidently, she was very good with her hands. It was definitely something he wasn't sure he could even discuss with Gilly.


Sara Gerard said...

Things are getting interesting!

ivy's closet said...

Hayley is something..for sure.

Anonymous said...

Jonah gotta know what's going on.

lucy and sarah said...

This could get serious.

Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't a mistake.

Chris Ed said...

Cool moment and really interesting:) happy weekend