Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wanting to know the truth

Honestly, Willow wasn't sure what to say to Jonah these days. Not since Jules sprang on the news to her about the happenings between her brother and his little sister. She was on the phone with Jonah

"Happy Birthday!" She hoped she sounded happy enough, but she was worried. Willow wanted to look out for him. It was easy to see Hayley was mega years beyond her brother when it came to..the word ..SEX, even if her brother was now twenty-three.

"Yeah. Thanks." He managed kind of droggy, she guessed.

"Are you OK?" She imagined she'd caught him in a deep sleep. Maybe he wasn't fully awake.

"Yeah. I'm fine." His words were flat. No emotion. Just once she wanted him to be enthusiastic about something.

"It was fine." He was blunt, but managed to tell her that Gilly's wife made him a red velvet cake. "It was quite good. I think, you would like her."

"Maybe ..maybe we'll see them when we come for Christmas." Willow still smiling, wondering what question she could ask next.

"Yeah, we'd love to see you." His voice did hold a slight sincerity as if maybe he was not a robot, after all. Willow beamed. He'd used the word love. That was very unlike the Jonah she knew. OK, he did use the word, although, she doubted he had an inkling, as to what it meant.

"Did you, do anything else on your birthday?" She wanted to know, as she looked out the big window from her apartment now. The rain was turning to ice. There was snow in the air.

"Well..Hayley's here." His words were tough to listen to, as if he didn't want to sound excited about it.

"Is she?" Willow wanted to know more.

"Yeah, you want to talk to her?" He asked, but he pushed Hayley on the phone instantly.

"Hi." Her voice was innocent enough. What were they doing, about now? It was very late there? Shouldn't she be home. "How's America?"

Willow winced. What kind of question was that? "You mean, Nebraska?"

"Yeah." She spoke less than Jonah. What were they up too?

"Its...its snowing." Willow talked about the weather instead. No way could she stop what ever was going on. "Are..are you being good brother?" Willow winced hard, knowing she couldn't expect much from a sixteen year old.

"He's lovely. He really is. I think he might even be getting along with Fiona now." Hayley was getting giggly. It was awful hard to take her seriously. What if she was in bed with him right now? Neither had their clothes on. It was an awful thought in Willow's head. Hayley went on about the birthday cake and how they'd stayed in while Fiona and Gilly were out.

"Did you watch the baby?" Willow innocently prodded to get to the bottom of this excursion.

"Heaven's no," more laughter in her voice. "Its Jonah's birthday. Have you not forgotten?"

Evidently, Hayley was celebrating it rather quaint. Soon enough, she said her good-byes to both of them.

Willow gritted hard.

Just then, Jules opened the front door. There were damp spots in his hair, bits of ice in his curls. He pulled off his shoes so slush wouldn't get in the flat.

"Your sister is having sex with my brother!" She snapped with her fist on her sides.

"What's that?" Jules winced with a pleasant smile. Soon enough his palms clasped each side of her face. "Did you get angry, about it?" His gaze was calm as if to settle her.

"No." She swelled a frown.

"So what do you want me to do?" He kissed her forehead then and pulled her in for a hug.

"I dunno." She need to fall into his warmth and try not to be so concerned. After all, they were nowhere near Jonah and Hayley at the moment.

"See, this is why I dreaded telling you. Hayley promised she would not ask much of him. She sounded as if she needed someone like Jonah that..wouldn't pressure her. You know, like this was a good thing." Jules held her as she breathed in his warmth and sweetness.

She closed her eyes. She would hate for Jonah to get hurt. Why was it she couldn't trust Hayley?


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a confusing time for her. :/

ivy's closet said...

I love Jules' response.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, that Jonah. There are just some things you have no control over.

Winnie said...

She sounds very protective, it's kind of sweet.

caitlin and megan said...

Things are changing. Hopefully, he'll learn from it.

Natasha Gregson said...

I think she's a bit overprotective but its nice to see a girl taking that role :)


Sara Gerard said...

I agree with the above comment, it is a confusing time, I would be over protective too I think.