Sunday, December 9, 2012

a bit of a quandry

"This never happens." Jane was happy that Audrey wanted to go to lunch. Of course, she picked her up at the library, and they went to a diner near by. The roads were icy, not a chance of them being slushy soon. Matty was still at the daycare so there was a mental block of time to talk. And Audrey did as soon as she got in the car.

"I know." Audrey looked preoccupied. Seriously, Jane wished for once Audrey could be there for her. Jane always listened to Audrey's troubles when she worked at the club. "So how was Thanksgiving?"

Actually, Jane was a bit shocked that Audrey asked.

"Great, Asa came over." Which she still was a bit shocked about. It was the most normal Thanksgiving ever. No strangers sleeping in her bed. No one drunk as a skunk during dinner stabbing at the turkey to carve and missing.

Jane wasn't sure she should admit it. She liked Asa, but he was definitely out of her league. Besides, she needed to be on her own, and not let herself be wrapped up in some man's life. It never did her any good. Still, she wanted Matty to have a friend. After all, she didn't exactly seem the norm with the rest of the mommies down at the daycare.

"He's really a good guy." Audrey agreed as they got to the diner and got situated quickly. After all, Audrey only had an hour and time was ticking. She unwound the cashmere scarf around her neck and stirred some cream in her coffee.

This was going to be fast. They ordered the specials. Jane sipped her iced water. She shivered.

"So?" Jane peered at her, wondering what this was about. Would she tell her to stay away from Asa? Perhaps she was secretly protective of him.

"Oh." Audrey bit a grin. "I have this..wacky secret that ..that I can't tell anyone, but..I dunno if I can do it."

"Do what?" Jane winced.

"My Mom told me something..something about my family ..I didn't know." Audrey shrugged as she sipped her steaming hot coffee.

"See, Moms are human, too." Jane said rather coy.

"This..this is big." Audrey sighed. "I work with my big sister." Audrey gritted.

"'d think her parents would have told her." Jane shrugged.

"I don't get it. I really don't." Audrey rolled her eyes. "I mean, honestly..I've envied Kayla over the years. She had so much. Her parents were perfect, and she always had everything better than we did. Always the right clothes. Right school. She thinks she's perfect. My perfect cousin Kayla."

Jane chuckled.

"Things are going so good for you, now. You, can't let this bring you down. You've got a sweet boyfriend, who definitely cares about you so much more than any of those other idiots. Just try to forget how things were. You've survived. You, go on from there. Don't look back." Jane told her, wishing she'd take her own advice.

"I know. I know." Audrey sucked in a breath.

Their roast beef sandwiches smothered in gravy arrived.

"We really need to do this more often." Audrey smiled as she attacked the heavy duty comfort food.

"Yeah, we do." Jane enjoyed this time.

"When are you going out with Asa?" Audrey asked.

"I dunno. Probably never." She didn't mean to sound so sad.  "But that's OK, I'm sure he's too sweet for me, anyway."

"What if I asked him to come to lunch with us next time?" Audrey offered between bites.

"You wouldn't." Jane smirked.

"Yes, I would. Maybe we can plan something. You know, Aidan and me and you and Asa." Audrey beamed.

"I dunno. The holidays coming and all." Jane thought it might be better for a new year start.

"Oh God, what do you think Asa has planned? The opera or something. I highly doubt it. You should call him. Just call him. When have you ever been old fashioned?" Audrey gave her the eye.

"All right, I'll call him. But I couldn't ask him out," Jane said. "Because I asked him to Thanksgiving. Its his turn now."


Chris Ed said...

To be old fashioned is ok, I think it´s his turn to ask her out!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I agree with's his turn to do the asking! :)

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Jane isn't too eager with Asa.

Sara Gerard said...

I think its his turn, just seems right.

lucy and sarah said...

Its good to see they can still be friends. Maybe this time, Audrey will be the friend Jane needs.

Mimi said...

i think he should definitely do the asking! ;)

<3, Mimi
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MOSAMUSE said...

you know... one of the things I like about your writing is that the seasons and time always reflect the one we're actually living in. I think thats great because its like we are peaking into someone elses life :)