Saturday, December 8, 2012

What are friends for?

"How do you feel about blind dates?" Asa asked so innocently. Just who he wanted to see. Camille, who dropped by the library to bring back some overdue books. She looked as if she might be on her way to the grocery store. She was in her usual track suit, but this time in her pink rubber winter boots and a parka. Winter was finally here.

"I dunno. I can't remember ever actually going on one." She winced, but he didn't quite believer her. Was Internet dating all that different?

"It wouldn't be like you'd be alone, you know." Asa edged a smile. There was this happy feeling he could hardly hold inside. He did want to see Jane, yet this Harper troubled him. Who was he exactly in Jane's life? Living with her in a trailer park.

"OK." She shrugged. "What's going on?" She was a bit curious with that playful grin of his. He felt he could trust her. Maybe she could do this for him. Although, he didn't want to be an instigator. He just wanted to hopefully find a way to get to know Jane. Definitely, without Harper around.

Now came the stumbling part. How could he explain this without sounding weird or making Harper sound even more weird.

"I want to see Jane, again. But..." He cleared his throat to make his case.

"OH..just how big is this but?" She crossed her empty arms as if he might need I Dream of Jeanie on the case.

"Uh..there is this Harper, that she lives with. And..and I dunno..just who..he her." Asa gritted a smile. He bit his bottom lip as if he was hoping Camille could fix this for him.

"Why don't you ask her?" Camille looked at  him blankly.

"Yeah, I guess I could. But..but...uh, this Harper, quite interesting." Asa didn't really want to mention the fact that Harper was one of the little people that you would think of at the circus or a side show. "He's a great mechanic."

"Fine, I could use one of those with my car this winter." She sighed.

Asa smiled with relief. Perhaps, Camille was a friend indeed.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a confounding situation. :/

ivy's closet said...

Sometimes,I think Asa makes the wrong turns.

lucy and sarah said...

Does he know what he's asking for??

Sara Gerard said...

I think Asa is a little confused, I am glad that he is attempting to talk it out with someone though.

meg said...

Asa and his mystery!

Chris Ed said...

I don´t really like blind dates.