Friday, December 7, 2012

before the shopping list gets too long

Max & Sara

"Who was that?" Sara hoped she didn't sound jealous. She didn't mean to, but it startled her when she saw Max with THAT GIRL. It felt as if someone hit her in the gut. Max, with someone like HER. And the way she talked to him, it was like she knew him so much better than Sara did.

"Josie?" Max winced a laugh. "We..go way back." He shrugged it off.

They were both off work, and he was giving her a ride home. He took her hand before she could hug herself with the ugliness she felt right now. He'd had something with this chick. It made Sara so uncomfortable. A part of her doubted that he'd never been with anyone.

Sara pressed her lips tight. There was that dull thought that she hadn't been completely honest with Max. But couldn't virgins be reborn? It was a past she did not speak of. After all, no one got hurt, and it was such a whim. Not even worth mentioning what happened at summer camp. Still if felt like a fresh wound she could not fix.

"How far back?" She was serious. If he told her stuff, then..maybe..just maybe she'd tell him about Zak. She plastered a fake smile. Although, the longer she tried to prove she was happy the more bitter she became.

"I dunno, seems like ages. Um, I'm sort of an uncle to her kid." Max simplified it.

"Oh, this has to do with Derrick? I guess." Sara didn't mean to scowl. "Are you sure he's your brother?"

"Yeah." He smiled as if he might laugh at her, but he didn't. "You, just don't know him. He's not that bad."

"Right." She didn't believe him.  She definitely didn't want to bring up Derrick.

Max kissed her on the cheek once they got to the car. She did like the way he looked at her. And Max was so sweet. She couldn't help but want to kiss him back. He soon made her forget there was even a Zak. One who acted as if they were strangers. Who never called back. He was nothing.

No, this was the real deal. She could not get enough of the chemistry that sparked between them. Just how long could she spin this romantic connection between them.

"How about we go to your house?" Sara beamed with happiness. She wasn't sure if she could take the restless thought inside her a moment longer. When had they ever been to his room? No one was ever home at Max's house.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Sara's not doing something she'll regret later. :/

ivy's closet said...

Now I'm scared for Max.

Linda said...

This looks like trouble to me.

Sara Gerard said...

I want to like her, but I am not so sure just yet.

lucy and sarah said...

I dunno about Sara.

caitlin and megan said...

Oh..boy..she's been with Zak..hmmmm...connecting the dots here.

Chris Ed said...

Sara´s reaction is strange.