Sunday, December 23, 2012

being brave

Hansen Nobel was sure Daisy deserved better.

He didn't want her to know where he lived. At least, he wasn't a squatter these days. Over the summer he'd sneaked into his grandmother's house while she was away. He'd gone through an old window in the back of the house. He'd kept extra quiet, as if no one would know he was there. Although, he'd gotten into her petty cash. But he'd left her car alone in the garage and managed to get by on a bicycle for the most part.

The fires out in Colorado had lead him here. Besides, there wasn't much left of his home. His Mom left some time ago, and his Dad went to Wyoming for work. There was his older brother Dax, to put up with. Dax was soon on his own too.

Hansen didn't have his grandmother's new phone number, and he'd forgotten she'd gone to Germany to stay with her daughter in the military. That was the side of family, his grandmother could still smile about.

He'd found work at the grocery store. He saved his money. Soon found a cheap truck, down the street from his grandmother's which was something to tinker with. Before long he was mobile. Even got himself one of those no contract phones. He didn't want to cause trouble.

And then, he found out. Dax was doing time for a bank robbery. They'd taken him as an adult. Dax was certain they'd send him to juvie, again. It was his one and only phone call Hansen got at his grandmother's.

So Hansen was on his own. He'd moved into a motel where he could live there for a lifetime if he paid by the week. And he did. It was enough for him.

Why would he even think Daisy would want to have a thing to do with him? He thought she might hate him the moment they met. Still, he wanted to make her smile, somehow. Honestly, he didn't know what got into him on that snow day.

He wasn't a schemer nor a manipulator. God knows, he knew his brother well. Hansen only wanted to keep her company even for a mega second. Hansen wanted her to know they could be friends.

He looked at the picture they had taken at the dance. Hansen thought it was the best Christmas present he'd gotten in a long time. Although, he hadn't thought too much about Christmas, other than the fact he'd work Christmas Day. New Year's too.

He went to turn up the heat. Hansen couldn't get warm enough. There was a draft. It was awful cold. He didn't remember it getting quite like this in Colorado. Then again, he'd never spent Christmas alone in a motel room. Maybe it was a state of mind.

He turned on the TV. He'd find some old shows to watch on Teen Nick. Think of better times. It was going to be OK, but a knock at his door jarred him. Hansen couldn't imagine who it could be. His brother hadn't a clue where he was living.

He got up and looked through the peep hole. It was Daisy. Hansen tried to resist.

"Open the door! I  know you're in there!" She could be quite demanding. Hansen was a bit shocked. She'd use that tone. So fierce. It was as if he needed to obey.

He pulled back the top lock and opened the door. Of course, a blast of icy air came in with her. Daiy's teeth were chattering.

"What are you doing here?" She rubbed her arms in her baby blue thermal jacket.

"Hibernating." He shrugged with a grin. He did his best to sound optimistic. Although, he hated the thought of still living here in his thirties. "Its just temporary."

She looked about the room as if it didn't meet her satisfaction.

"What are you doing for Christmas?" She looked him up and down as if he better tell her the truth.

"Working." He nodded.

"Even Christmas night?" She scowled.

"I get off at six." He shrugged.

"Then, you can come over." She told him.

"I dunno. That's..that's family time." He tried to make lite of it. His toes were getting cold. If only he had fresh socks. He was in dire need of doing laundry.

"Its just me and my Dad, anyway. I guess Crosby will be there with his grandmother." She sounded as if it wasn't a big deal. "She'll cook all day. And I have to help." She sighed as if it would be a relief if he were there.

"Um, I didn't think your Dad cared for me, much." Hansen only met her dad for a second. He seemed indifferent and a man of few words.

"He likes you. He does." She insisted with that sweet smile of hers.

Hansen didn't believe a word she said, but his grin was open.

"You, are coming over." She looked up at him as if he was not going to mess this up.

"Sure." Hansen didn't want to let her down.

She kissed him on the cheek before she gave him a hug. Honestly, he thought he might fall into something with her, and not even know, until it was too late.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Hansen...he's had such a rough time. He's lucky to have her. :)

ivy's closet said...

I like Hansen more now..and I'm glad Daisy found him.

lucy and sarah said...

I feel for him.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

So sweet! I hope that Hansen ends up having a good time :)
xo Mary Jo

W. said...

It was a sweet moment.

lucy and sarah said...

He's been through some hard times.

MOSAMUSE said...

happy holidays!!