Saturday, December 22, 2012

wouldn't you know it

Somehow, Willow wasn't terribly worried about what was going on with Jonah these days. Maybe it helped to be so far away from each other. Besides, Jules soothed her woes about what might be going on with Jonah and Hayley.

"I don't think it would be wicked." He'd said. "Maybe they are good for each other." And they'd left it at that.

Of course, they'd stopped over in London first. They'd had a sweet welcome from Fiona and Gilly. Jonah didn't seem to edgy. Actually Willow wasn't sure he was really her brother, anymore. He was somewhat more like Gilly, laid back and quite casual.

"So, are you, looking forward to seeing Hayley?" Willow wanted to worm some sort conversation out of her brother while Jules played with the baby and Fiona clung to Gilly with giggles and smiles. It was all laughs.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Jonah's silly smile was different. He was so not who she remembered growing up with. Had he found the right people to make him so pleasant? "I don't see her everyday." Jonah shrugged. "Maybe a weekend or two out of the month."

"She stays with you?" Willow questioned him as if she wanted details.

"Yeah, but we're not alone." He winced as if she needed to get her mind out of the gutter. He went to take their drinks back to the kitchen then as if he wanted to avoid anymore questions.

"Oh, God? Seriously?" Jules' voice wasn't exactly happy to hear the news. "A brother? My brother?" He scowled as he listened to Hayley, who told him she'd given him the wrong information from before. His mother wasn't seeing his father, but she'd found Archie instead.

"I won't have a cow. I promise." But his face tensed as he listened more. This Archie really wanted to meet him. This was not the way he wanted to spend the holiday. Yet he sensed he had a brother who probably wanted to know their father, as much as he did. He got off his phone, and looked at Willow who didn't look as if she could take anymore news.

"Well, Hayley says, me mum, has company." He pursed his lip as if it were silly to even mention. "My father has another son. Evidently. Who knows, maybe there are scads of us...all over the world." He remarked. "Anyway, Archie wants to meet me."

"Older or younger?" Willow kept her arms crossed.

"Younger." Jules told her. "I guess a little older than Hayley."

"What did she say?" Willow wanted to know.

"He's really quiet. Guess he hasn't warmed up to her." Jules shrugged.

"Who's warming up to who?" Jonah wanted to know.

Jules smirked a grin. The holiday was really getting interesting.


Mimi said...

hi ellie! i just wanted to wish you a merry christmas! :D

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Holidays always test people. :/

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Oh, I hope Jules can handle it.

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Interesting, indeed!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy holidays!


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Wow, things are getting interesting!

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It´s really getting interesting! Merry Christmas:)