Friday, December 21, 2012

nothing like a new relative

"Mum?" Hayley didn't know what was up, but it was Christmas and there was company at her mother's house. Weren't  they suppose to be getting ready for Jules and Willow? Jonah would be here tomorrow, too. The cookie making was ready to commence. She'd even brought some new Christmas tree cookie cutters from her Dad's kitchen. It was a small treasure waiting to be used. It seemed he'd forgot about them. "Who's that boy?"

Hayley gave her Mum a pout. Was this another kid she was hiding, about? Maybe she'd had one for the neighbor, or something. Hayley winced at the teenager. There really was something a bit like Jules. Of course, he looked rather geeky.

"Come, come, meet Archie." Her mother took her coat and headed her to the kitchen. Dough was waiting to be rolled.

"Archie?" Hayley might of scowled.

"This is Jules' brother." Naturally, her mother was so quaint as if she did this quite often. She poured her a cup a tea, ready for her to sweeten with milk.

"Brother?" What sort of bombshell was this? "What do you mean?"

He was awful quiet. So shy. Nothing at all like Jules.

"Archie, thought he might find Jules. See, he hasn't much luck finding family. He lived with an Aunt for a while. But mostly, he's been in private schools. On holiday. Thought he'd check some leads out." Her mother told her.

"Whats he to me, then?" Hayley squinted. She'd never been in this position before.

"Well...." her mother gave her a perplexed look. "Dunno, if he's anything..really.. to you. Since..." She put her arm around Archie as if she'd adopt him in a second. Only, he looked suspicious of Hayley.

Maybe he knew, she didn't like it one little bit. But she was here for Christmas. Jules and Willow would be here tomorrow. No way was she letting her mother surprise Jules this way. She knew her brother rather well now.

Hayley pulled out her phone then.

"What are you doing?" Her mum winced.

"I'm texting him, that's what I'm doing." Hayley swelled a frown. "Sorry, Archie," She squinted a smile. "Our brother does not like surprises."


Cafe Fashionista said...

What is Hayley up to? :/

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, very awkward! Want to know more about Archie though!

ivy's closet said...

Looks like Christmas if full of surprises!