Thursday, December 20, 2012

somewhere in the mix

Christmas party

Max supposed they were fine. Things with Sarah.

At least the scabies scare was over. He only itched if he thought about it. Now, it was time to dance. Just the slow ones. The really slow songs.

When he'd called her about the scabies, he hadn't wanted to say the word. He'd asked. "Is there anything you want to tell me?"

What she told him had nothing to do with scabies.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't honest with you." He could sense the tears in her voice as she confessed losing her virginity at summer camp, with this guy named Zac.

"I dunno why I even..." She struggled to explain.

He promised he wasn't judging her. It wasn't like they'd made a pact of some kind. Max didn't hold it against her.

"Hey, they always say the first time is never that great." Max said before he meant to, that night on the phone.

"You mean-" He'd upset her again.

" was great with you." He promised. Just to make sure things were as great as he said, they'd had a second go of taking the plunge in the next step of their relationship.. in his room, again. He'd made sure there would be nothing to be sad about. Of course, there were lit candles, and her favorite tunes from ONE DIRECTION to keep the soundtrack of their love life going. Yes, Max was pretty sure he could handle this.

And here they were. She looked beautiful in her shiny pink dress. He wasn't in a tux, but his black suit and tie were suitable for such an occasion. Of course, his eyes couldn't help but gaze at Daisy across the room. She had a date too. Max thought he was a friend of Derrick's. Actually, Hansen worked with Derrick at the deli, and more than once Max assumed perhaps Derrick liked to do more than hang out with Hansen.

"I thought he was gay." Sarah said ever so quietly to Max, who only sighed and wished she wouldn't label things.

"You know, what I mean. I thought..I thought Derrick was seeing him." Sara looked at Max as if he'd thought so too.

"Well, he..he looks nice with Daisy." Max licked his bottom lip wishing he had the nerve to go up and say something to them, but his feet were planted next to Sarah, and she held on to him as if she really didn't want him to bother with anyone.

Finally Derrick and his date came over. He introduced them to Sunny. Thankfully, Sunny started chatting with Sara. The two hit it off. Finally, Max and Derrick were alone.

"So, you and Sara?" Derrick's question waited for Max to finish it.

"We're good..really good." Max smiled thinking he was certain he and Sara would make their way back to his room, but it would be OK if they didn't. He wanted to be where ever she wanted to be.

"I think she's training you rather well. Now, isn't she?" Derrick smirked as if he'd never let that happen. As if Max hadn't an inkling what spontaneity was about. Max couldn't help but to smile more. Just maybe Derrick would like, for once, to have something scheduled in his life. It really was nice to know where he'd be on a Saturday night.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a confusing situation for all. :(

W. said...

Max and Derrick are so different. There is a certain importance Max holds for Sara. I hope she knows that.

Sara Gerard said...

I think the night is awkward for everyone except Sara and Sunny!

MOSAMUSE said...

unfortunately its a weird situation to be in

xoxo_grah said...

That's wierd....:P