Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Leave your swag at the door

Sunny's night

Derrick was none too pleased where the holidays might take him. There was no chance in hell, he was going to squeeze back into something easy with Daisy. It looked like Hansen had her back. He didn't see that coming.

Then this thing with Sunny. What the hell? He'd fussed about it in his head for some time. It would be freaky.

Of course, she was one of the reasons why he never hooked up with Cedric. After all, he was her older brother, and Derrick befriended Sunny first when he started drama club so long ago. Still, he didn't like the idea of going to the formal with her, but it was all decided before he had a real say in it. Damn, if she didn't have a tux picked out of for him. Blood red, too.

She was quite the bossy one. It was decided when he'd pick her up and where they would go to dinner.

"It'll be like a rehearsal for prom." Her smile was genuine, but deep down, he thought it might be devious too. All he needed to do was to shut up and do what he was told.

He helped out with the Christmas play. It was after all, her play. He learned his lines quickly and did the show for her. She said she liked acting with him.

Maybe this was acting too. For all he knew. By the way she looked in that strapless formal, it seemed she was getting what she wanted. Otherwise, he knew he'd be home alone watching ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE with Rosie and Jai.

So there he was at Sunny's side, watching the others at this festive formal of fake snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. Lola and Crosby came with Daisy and Hansen.

Derrick took a double take when he saw Hansen. He'd clean up rather well, and Daisy was breath taking. Whatever did he do, to lose her like that? And to someone, like Hansen. But Derrick kept calm, waiting for whatever would come from Sunny's little whispers.

A part him, didn't feel like himself at all. Maybe that was a good thing. He was certainly a wrecking ball when it came to friendships and relationships. He gave in and they danced. She wanted to slow dance, even if a houseparty sounds thumping through the speakers.

There were Henry and Shan in matching white tuxes and red bow ties, getting some silly twist on as they danced with Josie and Ian. Derrick tried not to watch. He was being ever so serious, holding Sunny ever so close.

How did it evolve to this?

Soon he looked into Sunny's eyes. He was under her thumb, and she was squishing the old life out of him. She was thirsty now. "I need some punch, and a cookie would be fine. You know what I like." She informed him. As he walked away, he guessed he heard her say please. But he wasn't sure if she meant it. He didn't know what anything meant anymore.

He passed by Max and Sara. They were holding hands. Something new, still it felt as if they didn't change. His brother was very loyal to this girl who might not really be on the up and up. It was as if he was under her spell.

Derrick did his best to give her the evil eye under the disco lights while he fetched the punch and several different cookies for Sunny. Honestly, he had no idea what her favorites were.

Derrick frowned then. He knew she was expecting something big from him for Christmas. Of course, she'd bit a grin when he'd asked what was on her Christmas list. "Just surprise me." She'd acted so happy when he said he'd be her date. Unfortunately, he wondered what this would cost him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Derrick. You don't know what you've got until it's gone. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Derrick! What has he gotten himself into! Sunny seems crazy, but kinda funny. I guess we will have to wait and see.

ivy's closet said...

Sounds like the holidays are rolling along.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope he can find a way to enjoy the moment!

MOSAMUSE said...

its gonna cost him a lot!