Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't rumble my rules

Was it really true? Lola was Sunshine Wilson's bestie? She overheard her say this in the school hall. Lola was standing next to, lean but not always mean, Sunny. They were more or less acquaintances. School productions, Lola guessed. She usually did what ever Sunny wanted when it came to set design. According, to Sunny..Lola was her GO TO GIRL in any art situation.

Lola did what she could. She knew it would look good on her college resume. Now, Sunny had her signed up for a scholarship. What if she got a scholarship in set design? Sunny talked about this future over and over. Lola guessed it wouldn't hurt. As it was, Art was a big field. Still she didn't know if she was that great of a carpenter, but she would listen to what Sunny wanted for the play and she would draw it. Later, make little displays of it. Before she knew it, Sunny had her entered in a University contest.

"Don't be mad, girl." Sunny would give her the eye of seriousness. "You know, people needed to see your passion. You can't hide it."

Now, Sunny had her arm looped around Lola's. Suddenly, Lola felt tied down. She felt she was part of some sort of strange kingdom. Sunny donned her dark braids wrapped like ornaments over her ears as if she might be the true princess Laia, and they might be off to do some role playing. When in fact, Sunny got Lola out of dreadful Government to come help with the holiday play that Sunshine wrote herself.

Naturally, Sunny always did her share. She'd paint. Nail whatever. But there were times she did more ordering than anything.

"You know Derrick, right?" Sunny looked Lola over once they got to the auditorium where some Freshman were putting in time painting and building a fake fire place.

"I guess." Lola wasn't sure anymore. It felt like forever since they'd last talked. And he'd made his single man show down on the river at the 4th that left all of his little circle wondering if he were bi-polar or just mental.

"I couldn't get him to do the musical." She looked quite sad about it. "Why does he hate me, Lo?"

"I dunno, Sun." Lola didn't mean to make a face, but since they were best friends and all..possibly she could get away with shortening her name, too.

"I've had him in mind for this play..since..God..before his sister got murdered." Sunny's plush lip scrunched a frown. "We used to talk all the time. I thought..God, I dunno. I thought we had something." But she didn't make is sound sexual, more like a kindred spirit.

"Well, you know, he's much." Lola gritted a polite grin. She didn't know why in the world she'd say anything nice about him. She was sure he'd drag her through the dirt if he had any dirt on her. Or he'd just act like she didn't exist, like he always did. "Maybe..maybe he just doesn't do acting, anymore."

"Oh yes he does. He just doesn't know it." She acted as if she had a plan and she needed Lola to help her. At the moment, Lola would have rather put a puzzle of the stage together than be forced to talk Derrick into doing Lola's play.


MosaMuse said...

love that u used azealias image again...
Sunshine Wilson... great name!
i hope lola gets over it and asks derrick!

Sara Gerard said...

Love her name! I am interested in seeing more of these characters.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Let's see how this goes. :/

meg said...

Its cool how friends choose you, sometimes.

lucy and sarah said...

I'd love to see Azealia do some acting.

Milex said...

My love!

mazzy may said...

Looks like their is a new sheriff in town and Derrick better shape up.