Tuesday, December 11, 2012

what are brothers for

"What is going on?" Derrick asked first thing when he got over to Asa's to tend to Max, who was home alone. "You, never get sick."

"Yeah, I guess..it just caught up with me." Max shrugged as he stood their in his slippers and pajama bottoms. He was sporting his favorite Husker football Tee. Honestly, Derrick didn't think he looked that sick. He had a few minutes before he was off to work.

Yet another snow fall fell on the old one. It would definitely be a great day to go sledding.

"Well, what is it?"  Derrick looked Max over. It couldn't be that bad.

"I think..something broke me out." Max was even lipped, possibly even a bit of a frown.

"Where?" Derrick squinted looking Max over.

"Kind of..a little on..my neck." Max tried to show him. He thought there was a rash on his earlobe.

"Its not that bad." Derrick shrugged. What a baby, he thought. It was nothing.

"Well.." Max scratched his face. Yes, maybe he was kind of breaking out with pimples, but not really. Derrick's made a face as he tried to investigate. He was afraid to pull off his black leather jacket. Especially, it if were contagious.

 "Its..kind of..personal." Max cleared his throat

"Just show me." Derrick festered a glare that Max needed to tell him.

"I dunno if..if I should." Max shook his head, no. About that time the kettle whistle went off and Max went to shut off the heat.

"What is it?" Derrick glared at him then.

"Its really bad." Now Max made a face of disgust.

"Like what?" Derrick thought he was kidding.

"Its itches ...so bad." Max gritted.

Derrick didn't waste time. If this was what he thought Max was talking about... "Just let me have look." He shrugged.

"No..no.." Max backed away, but Derrick grabbed him by the waist band and took a peek in his pants.

"HOLY SHIT." Derrick didn't mean to laugh. "You've got scabies!"

"Scabies?" Max winced hard doing his best to cover himself from anymore exposure.

"Yeah, 101 of STDs." Derrick looked at him stunned.

"Its an STD?" Max's face was full of disgust.

"Anybody can get it, but its sexually transmitted." Derrick told him. "I got it in Sixth grade, but that's because Amanda got it. She was a crossing guard at school. She had it the worst. Mine wasn't so bad." Derrick washed his hands quickly with the disinfectant soap even if he didn't touch anything. "What have you been doing?"

"Uh.." Max scratched the side of his face then. He bit his bottom lip.

"Call her now. Tell her what's going on." Derrick knew Sara had something to do with it. He told him he'd go to the drug store and get some NIX. They'd get this taken care of. Fast. But he had to call work and tell them Max was sick.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Definitely an awkward conversation. :/

Sara Gerard said...

wow, I am glad he told someone though, it could have gotten a lot worse!

Natasha Gregson said...

That sounds rather unpleasant :(



lucy and sarah said...

Definitely a bad time for Max!

ivy's closet said...

Poor Max. Nothing like having an expert like Derrick around.