Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Its Christmas

Derrick didn't get any of his wishes. He knew he should have expected it. Still he felt lost somehow in the buzz of Christmas. His father was there to play with Rosie and be silly with the idea he was the perfect grandfather.

Derrick could only take so much from Kyle's Christmas celebration. There was no Daisy. Which hurt the most. He'd thought they would have found each other, somehow. Even if it might be quite depressing he thought they might have a sleepover, of some kind. But she never showed up at Kyle's. Not even a text wishing  him a Merry Christmas.

Just after a noon of turkey and the trimmings, he showed up at Sunny's. It was quiet there. Of course, Christmas was still yet to come. Her and her mother had just gotten back from the homeless shelter where they'd served dinner.

It was a much smaller celebration at her house. An old foiled silver tree illuminated the livingroom. Her mother was hoping against hope that Cedric might join them for chicken and dumplings and sweet potato pie. Meanwhile, Derrick got to see Sunny's room. Her walls were plastered with posters of every play she'd been in. Honestly, he wasn't quite sure what to expect.

He didn't know what to get her, either. She opened the small present, and smiled all over when she saw the sterling silver hoops.

"How did you know?" She looked at him as if she wasn't that hard to please. Still Derrick felt sad, he would mess this up. What ever it was that she felt for him. He felt so breathless, thinking of all the places he needed to be. Why wasn't he watching Dylan's first Christmas?

Derrick only managed a slight shrug before Sunny took his breath away with her lips. It was nothing like he thought it might be. She was a certain kind of softness that was eager to show him what good there was. It wasn't in a certain Christmas gift nor something from a TV commercial. When she took his hand, it was a step into the future and there was no sadness about it.

They made out on her bed for sometime. It was dreamy. Before it could get deeper, she jolted him back to reality. They had to go downstairs and watch ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE with her Mom and Cedric. It was tradition, after all.

Henry tried not to be depressed. He hated the fact he'd let himself miss Shan like this. It didn't feel normal. But he helped his mother with dinner. He watched Audrey all surprised, just before brunch. Aiden got her a real engagement ring.

"You would have thought she won the lottery," Henry said later to Shan on the phone. "I've never seen her that surprised. I guess they'll get married in February." Henry wasn't going to tease her, about  a Valentines day wedding. He knew Aidan didn't want to wait, and Audrey seemed to love the idea too.

Henery wanted to know everything Shan got for Christmas. Naturally, he was already planning New Years with him. He could hardly wait for Shan to get back home.

Olivia didn't call home, nor her sister. Hopefully, they weren't too worried. It was just not Christmas. Not this year. Except, she was at Luc's. It felt so right to be with him. Perhaps, she didn't want the guilt to sink in. So she went on with his Christmas plans. He was on a mission to find gifts for Gia. They ended up at Tyson's for Christmas dinner.

Of course, Tyson had to share Gia's time with Leia's parents who were Gia's grandparents. Yet, he wasn't alone. He was with Lynsey. Somehow it felt like a new beginning for all of them.

"To new traditions." Luc toasted with a glass of red wine before the roast beef dinner with all the fixings got started.

Olivia couldn't help but smile. She wanted to look forward to the future as much as Luc did.

Camille spent most of the day alone. Asa made plans with Jane. It seemed he like spending time at her place.

And Joe spent the day at Kyle's but came home to Camille's

Of course, this was her first try of making her place a bed and breakfast. She'd worked hard trying to have her guestroom ready for Joe.

"I'm not used to this many nice things." Joe assured her when he checked out the bed and found the fruit basket along with a box of toiletries and slippers. "Feels like Christmas already." He grinned.

It was true, there was a certain sort of warm charm about him. He did have a way of making her feel..well, she hated to think it..wanted. He was very generous with his compliments. Yet, he'd dash off to see his grand kids. Max came over with his girlfriend once to see Joe, before he was off to Lincoln to see family.

"I guess I would have never met that nice girl, Max is seeing, if you weren't here." She remained perky and optimistic, as a host should be. Of course, Josie was in a pout. It seemed Ian was the only one who could bring the best out of her.  Camille was frazzled if she thought about it.

It was true, it had been a very cold Christmas even if the sun was out. The temps were below zero. They might as well be in the Alaska outback. She felt so grim. Nothing to do but try to finish a book. The day seemed endless.

But around nine o'clock Joe was back. He looked give out. She was so sure he'd turn in. He got out a bottle of Irish whiskey. "Put this in some milk, you almost got Irish cream." He grinned.

Camille shook her head. He had no idea what he was talking about. But she guessed she could give it a try. She got out the wine glasses, filled them with ice and he poured in more whiskey than she imagined necessary. He went very light on the milk. She added more to hers.

"Here's to a new year." He grinned with a toast. Camille couldn't think what might be good about it.

"Its only Christmas, you know." She reminded him. She took a sip of the potent concoction which left her in a dire cough. Joe drank like a sailor.

"Gotta think ahead, babe. Gotta think ahead." His smile was warm. The drink even warmer. Camille had no idea where the night might take her.


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