Wednesday, December 26, 2012

we don't even have to try

It was true, Dylan was a butterball. He filled out all his playsuits now.

It felt odd to Asa getting a package from his mother. Although, it made him smile more to see that she'd made Dylan a knitted sweater and cap. She didn't call much, but he'd called her when Dylan arrived. Still their conversation were rather distant. He didn't think she'd really came around to the idea of him being a father just yet. Of course, she hadn't really wanted to know about his life for a long while now. She'd been in her own private exile after the divorce. It was lucky he even had her number.

It wasn't that he heard much from his Dad, either. He was after all a missionary, somewhere. There were bigger things in the picture of life that his father had a handle on. Asa knew to expect it, but his mother was a different story. He didn't know if he wanted to know everything, just yet. Still, it would be nice to see her.

"Well, I do miss her." He finally confessed to Jane who wondered where the pretty blue sweater came from.

"When it the last time you saw her?" Jane looked at the package. Asa watched how her fingers traced over his mother's address.

"I dunno." It was a bit of a faded memory. He never spoke of her. He didn't want Jane to think he was immature about this. After all, he was pretty much out of the house when his folks divorced. Yet it still stung him a bit, how much of an outrage it was at church about the fiasco. It was rather bitter when he thought on it now, but he didn't want to bring it up to Jane. After all, it had been a rather small Christmas feast of baked chicken with the fixings. Jane spent the day with him and Dylan. Of course, there was Mattie with her. It was a very simple Christmas.

"You know, Elkhorn is hardly a hop skip and jump from here. Why don't we get in the car and surprise her?" Jane was optimistic.

"I-I just couldn't." Asa shook the thought of seeing his mother. It would hurt to see someone who was not the mother he remembered.

"You, are kidding." Jane's smile was so smart. "You don't want to wait before its too late. Trust me on this. You see your mother, while you still can." She studied the address. "I'll go with you. It'll be fine."

Asa gritted an even smile. Jane did have a point. He hadn't thought of having any New Year's resolutions yet.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Jane is right. I hope Asa takes her advice. :/

Sara Gerard said...

I like Jane, she is right in this case!

Clara Turbay said...

that´s good i like your blog.

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad he's going to see his Mom.

MOSAMUSE said...

i like ur new header!!

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, things are changing for Asa..

Anonymous said...

Its interesting about his Mom..and who you casted, as her.

Winnie said...

I haven't made any new years resolutions in years!