Saturday, December 15, 2012

just a suggestion

Luc was glad Tyson let him bring Olivia to dinner. Wasn't like they actually dated.

"This is my friend, Olivia." He told Tyson. Emphasizing the friend part. "I thought maybe you might want her to..check out Gia."

He remembered Tyson was concerned about Gia's hearing. However, not a doctor thought this to be a problem. Still Gia was very quiet around him. Still, Tyson was told that his daughter was healthy. They found her mental state to be OK. It seemed she did what was asked of her. But at home, she never made much of a sound around him.

Olivia went to play some games with Gia.

Luc could hear Gia chattering with Olivia.

"You think its all my fault, don't you?" Tyson's words were blunt. It was true he was gruff. Sometimes, a man of few words.

"Kids do the darnedest things." Luc gritted a smile. What could he say? "Maybe, you two need to go to a Mommie's support group, or something. Dad support, that's it."

Luc definitely couldn't see Tyson at a Mommie's group.

"Have, have you thought about letting Gia see you around..other women." Olivia said as she was carrying Gia on her waist.

"Like who?" Tyson winced. He said they saw his mother from time to time. Wasn't that enough?

"Lynsey." Luc smiled. "I don't think she's seeing anyone. aren't seeing anyone." Luc hadn't meant to sound like cupid, but maybe it would help.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I think Olivia's right. :)

ivy's closet said...

Maybe there is a place for Lynsey after all.