Wednesday, January 30, 2013

here it is

Topher thought about bringing something to the hospital. Like flowers. Maybe a teddybear. But there was no time. It was past nine at night and he was in the middle of scads of chairs to set up and tables to be in their proper space for some event that was coming up, in the convention building at the University.

But he got there soon enough. He guessed. Actually, he hoped the baby would be born, and he could somehow avoid all the pain and agony of it. Only it was waiting for him.

"Don't get too close." One male nurse mentioned who was staying away from Ricki. "She bit me."

There was Olivia on one side and Luc on the other. They hadn't abandoned her. And for a moment, she looked to be resting, but in a matter of minutes, the look on her angelic face changed. She might as well have been a vampire.

"Did she really bite the nurse?" Topher winced.

"She said she didn't want anything for the pain." Olivia looked exhausted. Luc didn't look much better.

Topher saw Ricki was taking something for the pain now.

"Where were you?" Luc was out of breath as if they wanted to both leave this to Topher.

"I got here as fast as I could." Topher informed him. Well, maybe it did feel like he was walking in cement to get to his car. He really didn't know what to expect. Actually, he felt pretty bad about this. After all, he was the one who got Ricki in to this predicament.

He squinted hard, trying to take his place.

"You guys, aren't going to leave? Are you?" He really wasn't sure if he wanted to be alone with Ricki.

"No, we'll..we.." Luc looked at Olivia for support. "We'll be around. Promise." But they were leaving the room. "I'll call your mother. Ricki's parents too." Olivia had the numbers in her hand on her cell.

"I want to walk." Ricki suddenly held herself up on her elbows.

"I don't think they want you to, right now." Topher looked at Ricki as if he might be imagining things. He thought she was at some sort of peace.

"I hate laying here. I just do." She looked at him as if she were mad at him.

"It'll be OK." He looked at her trying to sound hopeful, yet he was unsure. Then she went into a fit of pain, grabbing his hand as if were the end..of something.

"I think its time." Topher heard one nurse say to another.

"Time?" Topher suddenly felt woozy. He felt as if a part of himself was on the floor, already. He felt terrible and she wouldn't let go of his hand. He turned to the trash can, ready to barf, but he belched instead.

They were ready to do this. He guessed he was too. It felt as if everything was in such a hurry. As he felt himself going with Ricki to the next step. He was in a sweat. His heartbeat kicked in as if he could hear nothing now.

Ricki was doing all the work. Topher really felt like he was weak, but he couldn't throw up now. He needed to be strong.

And then, they handed him over the baby. She was fat and even smiling. Topher couldn't imagine she'd be so beautiful even if she hardly had peach fuzz on her pink head. He brought her over to Ricki who looked so out of it, but she smiled too.

"I want to name her Jewel, after your grandmother." Her words were breathless.

Topher felt weird that he'd never even thought of it.

"OK." He liked it. He really did.

He looked the baby over as the nurse helped him with her.

A little of him felt horrible for waiting this out so long, and yet the timing felt perfect to him. Hopefully, they'd have a wedding by summer.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Jewel is such a beautiful name! :)

Sara Gerard said...

Aww Jewel! I lol'd, "she bit me!"

ivy's closet said...

You can be a monster during child birth!

ivy's closet said...

I love the name. Hopefully, Topher will man up.

MOSAMUSE said...

i hope they have a wedding very soon :)

lucy and sarah said...

Aw, they need to be a family.

Chris Ed said...

Really beautiful name! kisses chris

Sarah Boast said...

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Much love, x