Sunday, January 20, 2013

it could be special

"Where is he!" Sunny called out. As if there was anyone there to listen to her in the empty theater. Just Lola. Everyone else packed it up as soon as rehearsals were over for the spring musical productions.  Yes, even the drama teacher left to grade papers. No one, wanted to go over her notes about how to improve OKLAHOMA.

Sunny was well trusted. She might as well have been head of the drama department. Secretly, she thought she was since they'd made state with her last production which she stared in.

"Where is who?" Lola was looking over some huge backdrop she was working on with a hilly landscape.

"You know, who." Sunny dropped her Android back in her huge bag which held just about everything she owned. "What do you think he's doing?" She was starting to doubt Derrick. Where was the loyalty? The respect. True she might be a bit demanding. But she needed to keep him in line. She felt sure he could go a lot further than working at the deli at a grocery store.

Some day they'd be in New York City, living the dream. She sighed at that thought.

"I dunno." Lola winced hard as she was finishing up.

"You know, you're coming to New York City with me, after graduation." Sunny looked at Lola as if she had a backup plan. No way was she going alone. "You'll have your full scholarship. It'll be lots of doors unlocked for us." Sunny saw success in her eyes. After all, she'd worked her ass off, for it, and if Derrick wanted to be such a lame be it.

Lola cleared her throat, looking a little frightened.

"That's the plan?" Lola looked at her as if she had no idea what Sunny was talking about.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope they think things through a bit more. :/

ivy's closet said...

Its interesting how Sunny knows what is best for Lola.

Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

lovely blog girl <3

X Jenny

lucy and sarah said...

I'm sure Sunny thinks she is looking out for Lola.

MOSAMUSE said...

cute header!
sunny has it all planned out!

Anonymous said...

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