Tuesday, January 8, 2013

it taste like tomorrow

Daisy wouldn't dare say she'd gotten her way, but maybe she did.

She smiled about it now. Hansen spent the holidays with her. It wasn't just for Christmas or New Years. It was the time in-between too. She guessed her Dad figured out he'd moved in. Her Dad hadn't really noticed. Actually.

Oh, her father was there. And he was really nice to Hansen too. Which shocked Daisy. Since her mother was gone, her dad was going through his own sort of pain. Evidently. He'd been so depressed and quiet. Then when Hansen helped out with Christmas dinner, her dad sort of thawed. Also it helped that Hansen kept telling her dad how amazing the food was. Something clicked.

Daisy couldn't bare to see Hansen be alone during the holiday. Now she couldn't think of him being alone at all.

Yet, at the moment, she felt very alone at school. He wasn't here to help her, but that was OK. She could do this. After all, he was working at the grocery store. Finally, it sank into her senses, that she really loved him.

Hansen made her happy, and she wasn't even asking herself why. She sighed with a smile as she slammed her locker shut to go to class.

"So how was your holiday?" A familiar voice said from behind her. For a moment she expected to find Derrick, but it was Van.

A shiver ran through her and suddenly she winced with bitterness when she looked at him.

"It was fine." She hugged her books and walked on. She was kind of surprised he said anything to her. Usually, he ignored her, so well.

"Missed you at Cedric's New Year's Eve party." He said ever so quietly.

Daisy didn't even miss a beat. She didn't look back. She kept going. She only thought of Hansen and his smile and how he was there in her life for the little things. He was even there for her father, too.


ivy's closet said...

I'm glad she's staying away from Van.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see Daisy looking forward. :)

Sara Gerard said...

She is doing the right thing, she needs to ignore him and focus on Hansen.

samecookiesdifferent said...

sooo cute
x the cookies

Take A Glass said...

Thank you very much ! :)

Your picture is so nice !


MOSAMUSE said...

such a cute title!