Wednesday, January 9, 2013

who do you look for

Max didn't know what to do with himself when he showed up early at the grocery store for work. Sara was sick with strep throat. She'd left him a text that morning. Of course, she teased him about skipping school and coming over. But he told her he wanted her to rest. Personally, he did not want to get sick. And as sexy as she thought she was, at times, like this..she wasn't.

"Dude, you look like you lost your best friend." Hansen gave him a plate of pepperoni pizza before he could ask. It was quiet yet. No rush of people getting off work to find something to take home. Hansen wore his neat white bandana that covered his heavy locks of blonde hair. He looked quite professional.

Max smiled, told him his girlfriend was sick. He really didn't know Hansen quite that well. He did have to admit he thought for a while Derrick might hook up with him, or maybe they already had. Now he wasn't sure what was up. He saw them still being chummy, joking around. Then he'd seen Hansen with Daisy. He suspected it was just a last minute thing.

"Sara, right?" Hansen nodded. "You two looked pretty sweet at the dance." Hansen's smile was genuine. He talked about how they were such a couple on the dance floor. "I swear I have two left feet." He sighed.

"She likes music." Max nodded, thinking he really didn't want to tell Hansen how much she liked music. Something about music and sex going together. Was he the only one who had to put up with this? Not that he thought he was putting up with anything. It was weird, sometimes. Of course, he would never talk about Sara. After all, he adored her and she adored him. They were definitely on the same page with their relationship. "" He didn't dare ask if Daisy had ever said anything about him.

"Yeah, yeah..Daisy." Hansen nodded with more satisfaction. "She'"

Max somehow waited to see if Hansen would say more. He didn't want to be interested, but he kind of was. Finally, Max went to the quiet dining hall to eat his pizza. Before he could think of it, Hansen came over with some drinks and sat across from him.

"I don't know if I should say anything, but I kind of thought she had a thing with..with your brother." Hansen shrugged.

Max thought he might choke on his pizza as he looked up at him.

"Derrick?" Max's face tensed.

"I never actually talked to him about it. I just remember them together at this concert, a few months ago. We hung out. I could tell, you know. Something was going on. Did they date for a long time?"

"No?" Max winced wondering why Hansen would say that.

"Its just ..I can tell.." Hansen looked away. "She's been hurt. I dunno what he did to her, but its..its the way she reacts about certain things."

"Like how?" Max winced wondering what he was talking about.

"Look, man, we're just friends. Daisy and me." Hansen slurped on his cold drink. "Its just, dunno if she feels safe with anyone, anymore. Maybe you could talk to him about it."


Cafe Fashionista said...

I really like Hansen - he's not a bad guy. :)

Sara Gerard said...

I think Hansen is great, I like that he is looking out for Daisy.

meg said...

Maybe he and Max can be friends.

Anonymous said...

They could be more than friends.

mazzymay said...

Definitely, an interesting conversation.

Simon and Josh said...

I wonder if Max will talk to Derrick???

ivy's closet said...

Oh, its getting interesting.

MOSAMUSE said...

i wish I could write like this