Friday, January 18, 2013

the man of the hour

eyecandy of the band

Fish did have a busy schedule. A lot of school activities. Why in the world would he ever want to be in a band?

OK, he knew he was only going to Zac's to keep him company. What was he suppose to do? Beat with one drumstick. He didn't think it was funny, either. He highly doubted people would show up. It would be a dud and he'd have to stick around and cheer Zac up.

The guy definitely had highs and lows.  Zac didn't know how perfect his life was. He was healthy and potentially cool. There was a crowd out there for him, of flirty Freshman and Sophomore girls..  that he would not give the time of day. Honestly, Fish didn't know what Zac wanted.

He grabbed a juice from the fridge and snacked on a cookie from the dining table. He supposed this could tie him over while he was at Zac's.

The house was practically empty. He eyed the car keys, wishing he had a driver's license. He'd have to find someone to drive him to Zac's. He stuffed the sugar cookie in his mouth and reached for his cell in his back pocket.

He texted Zac, telling him he might have to start without him. He didn't have a ride.

Zac hit him back that he'd get him over to his place, somehow.

Fish rolled his eyes at that. He was beginning to think he'd be better off alone. Since usually, he was. At least he wasn't at the auditorium  tonight trying to keep track of a few dozen things in the prop room. Of course, lots of hook ups happened in the prop room. So he never knew who he might find. Nothing surprised him anymore. Still he felt as if his life was on a slow boat to oblivion.

He drank his juice, thinking he might dig in the fridge and see what else there was to eat, but a tap came to the back door.

Fish hobbled over the side door next to the driveway. He pulled back the frilly yellow curtains of the kitchen door, and there was Derrick. Fish squinted hard.

"What are you doing here?" He was the last person he expected.

"Giving you a ride to Zac's." He shrugged. He was in his winter coat and thick black boots. He waited for Fish to find his parka.

"That was quick," Fish said thinking it was weird that Derrick showed up. "How did you know? About the band?" He got into Derrick's old car. It was nicer on the inside than he thought it might be.

"I heard him talking in the band hall at school. I dunno, I used to be in a band. Kind of nice to take breather," Derrick said as he got in and started up the car. "Don't want to forget what I know, either." He grinned.

"Does Sunny know?" Fish knew this might not set well with her.

"She can live without me for a few hours." He shrugged with a yawn.

Fish nodded as Derrick drove where Zac lived. Derrick knew exactly where to go.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I love that their band is finally coming together!! :)

sismade said...

check this giveaway sweetie*

Sara Gerard said...

I can't wait for the band!

Natasha Gregson said...

This sounds such an exciting project :)


ivy's closet said...

I hope it works out.

lucy and sarah said...

Good to see them wanting to do something together.

Take me to Tarah said...

Hello !!!
I'm happy to get back to your entertaining stories. I remember the days of wishing I could drive. OMG! Takes me back.
Thanks for visting my blog.
Your visits make my days sweeter.
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