Monday, January 14, 2013

treading lightly

Henry wasn't sure what he was suppose to say to Shan's sister now. On one hand, she hadn't ran to her Mom or Dad about it. And she wasn't using it to blackmail Shan. Still, he thought about how maybe he should talk to her, yet he'd left it alone. As if it were to go away. But it still woke him up at night. The thought of someone walking in, on him and Shan.

That was never going to happen again. It was settled. Shan would have to come over. Henry wasn't even sure he wanted to visit Shan's house again. He'd hate to see Shan's sister scream as soon as she saw him. Of course, she hadn't screamed. Instead, it was as if she'd opened the door, stuck her head in and left as fast as she came.

"Maybe, she didn't even see anything." Shan shrugged it off as if maybe it was an illusion of some kind. After all, it wasn't like  Shan's family had a big discussion about it at dinner.

"Well, you should talk to her." Henry prodded.

"Me?" Shan cracked up, shaking his head, no. "Lets, just leave it alone."

"See, this is where we differ," Henry didn't want to argue about it, but he told him it would be best if they went out for ice cream with her and talked.

"Are you nuts?" Shan had a good laugh. "Its the dead of winter. I'm not taking her out for soft serve." Shan glared at him. "No way am I discussing my sex life in public." As it were they sitting in Shan's car that was idling in front of Henry's house.

Henry guessed he was right, but why couldn't this be a life lesson of some sort.

"Because, we're not on some TV show." Shan festered a perturbed look. "I'm not going to talk about it, unless, her Mom or my Dad bring it up." It was decided.

Meanwhile, Henry hoped he didn't meet Bree, anywhere. What if she accused him of something? It wasn't like he could blab this to Audrey. Of course, he knew she'd give him her 2 cents worth. Even worse, if Bree came to the library, Audrey might say God knows what.

Hopefully, Bree wasn't scarred for life and didn't hate him.

Deep down, Henry still wanted everyone to like him.


Chris Ed said...

I can understand Henry! Have a great week!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Henry. Shan should talk it out with her, just to make Henry more comfortable. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Sorry, I am still drooling over the pictures!

Henry is sweet, but it is okay if people don't like you.

ivy's closet said...

Oh, Henry, he's so young and sweet. I like that about him.

lucy and sarah said...

They aren't always going to agree on everything.