Sunday, January 13, 2013

if that's not crazy

Shan didn't talk about everything with Henry. It wasn't that he was avoiding it. But he needed to talk to someone, other than Henry. And he was glad he was friends with Fish.

Fish was the handicapped guy that took Shan around at school the first day. Actually, Shan had never met anyone like Fish. Shan wasn't exactly used to handicapped people, but he guessed Fish was born this way. There were times, Shan didn't see anything wrong at all with Fish. His speech was normal. Honestly, he was pretty creative, very smart. He knew a whole lot about computers. If Shan had a virus on his dad's old computer, guess who he went too?

Yet, he could sort of tell in the beginning that Fish hadn't expected much from him. As if Shan might completely ignore him now. But he didn't. He talked to him everyday. Usually, asked how Fish's day was going.

A couple of times, he almost asked Fish if he wanted to hang out with him and Henry, but Shan never quite got up the nerve.

Still, when Fish applied at the theater, Shan put in a good word for him. However, it didn't matter. They wouldn't hire him. He walked funny. What if he had a seizure or something?

When a projector went down and no one could fix it, Shan called Fish. Guess who knew what was wrong?

Now, Fish worked Saturday and Sunday during the daytime with the digital theater stuff, so Shan usually tried to talk to him then.

"I don't believe anything could go wrong between you and Henry." Fish smiled as if he'd paid attention to the conversations in the past about what to wear to this occasion and such.

"Well, we're good. Really good." Shan sighed thinking he'd already given Fish too much information while he was checking out the theater system, that had to be ready for a zombie movie marthon.

"Yeah, of course, it is." Fish shrugged as if it were the end of the conversation.

"Its..its my little sister." Shan squinted hard, as the memory of her walking in on him and Henry drew a frown now. "She..she knows. She definitely knows what goes on between us."

"What? You traumatized her, is that it?" Fish held in a laugh as his stiff body edged to the corner where to sit in the projector booth.

"Maybe." Shan didn't know how to talk to her about it.

"What did she see, exactly?" Fish looked at Shan if it couldn't be that bad.

"Enough." Shan made a face of disgusted. "She knows it was sex. And..and she boyfriend."

"Oh." Fish looked away as if Shan possibly disgusted him too.

"Sorry, if..if that was too much information." Shan shrugged. Shan was sure Henry spilled his guts to Josie.

"Its..its all right." Fish sighed. "One less thing I'll ever have to worry about." He almost grinned then.

"What do you mean? It could." Shan smiled.

"Not in this world." Fish smirked.

Shan didn't want to think how his little sister must have felt about Henry now. Still, in his heart, he hoped Fish was wrong about himself. He hoped he fell in love one day and would tell him about it.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a complicated situation. :/

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Shan has someone to talk to. Maybe he's not quite the loner I thought he was.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Definitely complicated. Glad Fish is around.

lucy and sarah said...

Definitely, a tricky situation.

MosaMuse said...

:) i like the name Fish
u have great names!

Chris Ed said...

Fish seems like interesting person!