Saturday, February 9, 2013

fake or not to be fake

Syreeta hated the fact that Luna left her in the cold as soon as she hooked up with a senior named Van. She watched them all cuddled-up in front of her locker. It was as if they had no idea there were even any lockers.

"How can she do that?" Syreeta didn't mean to pout, but not even an EXCUSE ME was helping.

"That's the way the world rolls, don't ya know?" She heard a familiar voice say behind her. She turned to see Zac, who gave her 'its not a big deal' shrug.

"But she's my best friend and she doesn't even know I exist." Syreeta sighed in frustration.

"February really sucks." He informed her. "All those flowers and candy. Not to mention the Valentines." He stared at the pair in disgust. It was honestly a mutual feeling. She guessed. She hated to envy them, but she did.

"We've been friends for a long time." Syreeta didn't see this coming with Luna. They were always in the same boat. They usually watched the dances from the bleachers in their comfortable flats. Syreeta would no doubt be ready to run away from home by Valentines day. It wasn't looking nice at home with Fish's big sister around. Syreeta was sure 2013 would be the worst year possible.

"What do you say? We show them up." Zac smirked. "You know, maybe even beat them at their own game." His shoulder nudged her's slightly.

"What do you mean?" She winced.

"I dunno. Maybe I could be your fake boyfriend." He shrugged.

Syreeta squinted more. "I didn't think..I didn't think you all."

"I don' you. What would be the point of a fake boyfriend, then?" His voice was quiet. "I mean, you are my best friend's little sister and you know, maybe this gig will get us real gigs, with the band."

Syreeta rolled her eyes. "I'm in the band now?" She looked at him slyly.

"Of course, you are." Zac smiled.

"So what do we have to do?" Syreeta focused on Luna.

"I guess, we will do this." He took her books. He moved forward. "Hey, love birds, Syreeta wants her locker back."

Syreeta couldn't help but smile. Zac sounded really tough. She could get used to this. After all, Zac broke the two apart. She got to her locker and he helped her put her books away. He smiled down at her, touching the top of her nose. He took her hand as if this was their place to knoodle.


ivy's closet said...

Zac can be full of surprises.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...they are so cute. :)

Natasha Gregson said...

I hope these two spend valentines together :) And the situation with Luna is unfortunetely way too common with friends.


lucy and sarah said...

Romance might be in the works!

meg said...

He's sweeter than I thought he was.

MOSAMUSE said...

aaww zacs so sweet. I think the year will turn around for her!

Chris Ed said...

Ah Valentines day is this week:) I hope these two will spend it together!