Friday, February 1, 2013

whats not to want

No one seemed to be on Kat's side. She couldn't even have her old room back. There was that girl. Syreeta.The girl she hardly knew that her Mom adopted.

Oh, she didn't want to listen to any sad stories about Syreeta. So what if her Mom was trying to help her best friend/co-worker out with her niece. Kat couldn't sleep on the couch forever.

"You're giving me your room!" She cornered Fish the moment he got home. She'd squash that happy face of his. If she couldn't be happy, then no one could. Not in this house, as long as she was here.

"God, just leave me alone." Instantly he winced a frown. He'd have nothing to do with her. He hurried to his room and slammed the door shut.

"I HATE YOU!" She screamed at him. All the bad energy needed to go somewhere. She hadn't been happy in a long while.

"The feeling is mutual!" Fish yelped back.

Kat wanted to blame this on everyone but herself. She was home, but she still felt lost. She leaned against Fish's door and saw Syreeta in the livingroom bringing some text book to the kitchen.

"Can't you study in your room?" Kat swelled a frown.

Syreeta said nothing. She went to the kitchen to find her a juice.

Kat crossed her arms. She was beginning to think this anger was a drug of some kind, flowing through her veins. She could not stop it.

Funny, how she'd been at the drugstore yesterday and she'd seen Elliot picking out a birthday card. He didn't remember her.

"Remember? I -I used to work with you." She left it at that. Maybe he couldn't recognize her. It was that long ago. She'd worked at the same craft store he did when she was in high school.

"Yeah." He looked a little bewildered. Perhaps he did remember they were more than friends, once upon a time. "So? Uh? have you been?" He stumbled a weak smile. He mentioned he was married and had two kids.

"Oh." She didn't really want to hear that. Not that she was going to mention she was married too. She mentioned being in the army. But she didn't talk if she was staying or not. Of course, she envied him, even now.

Everyone had perfect lives but her. No one seemed to want her back. How could she tell them now? She needed them more than ever. She winced as she held her stomach. She was sure this sort of anger was not good for the baby.

P.S. I have a guest post at NG. The Books that Define Us.


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Cafe Fashionista said...

I think that if she told them about her situation they would feel differently. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Whoa, Kat needs a friend or someway to find a release.

ivy's closet said...

Kat is definitely not happy.