Thursday, March 28, 2013

don't get me started

Syreeta wondered why Fish didn't show, but then he'd been remotely quiet these days. Maybe it was because of all the sadness at school, or the fact that Wild Wilder was coming to visit and no one believed for a minute that it would help the situation with Fish's sister Kat. Syreeta definitely didn't consider her kin. After all, Kat didn't exactly speak to her.

Derrick was a no show too. So it was kind of like going solo with Zac in the basement. She messed around with a melody on the keyboard that she'd heard Zac playing last week or so. She remembered it, but he didn't look so pleased. She possibly played it better than he did.

Fifteen minutes in. As of yet, he'd said nothing to her.

She stopped playing.

"Do you want me go?" Her eyes didn't want to look at him straight on, but she couldn't help it. However, they were not faking the boyfriend girlfriend thing at the moment.

Instead, he brought over an invitation for her to look over. It was a dinner party.

"I don't want to go." He shrugged.

Syreeta nodded. She'd never been to one. It looked fun. The letters were in silver glitter and Henry (she was certain) put extra glitter on the card.

"My Mom will be really pissed if I don't." He sighed as if he were not in the mood.

"Oh." Did that mean he had too? "Maybe you wouldn't have to stay for long." Syreeta looked at him bright eyed.

"You want to go?" His words were drab as if this would be the lamest thing ever.

"I could." She winced with a shrug, thinking she needed to act her part. This really wasn't a date.

"Its black tie." He said with disgust. "Can you believe it, who does that?"

"Well, it won't be Downton Abbey." Syreeta guessed. She did have her light blue party dress from her Eighth Grade dance still hanging in the closet.

"I can't wear a suit." He closed his eyes so delicately as if that would be  the worst thing ever.

Syreeta pursed her lips as she watched. He was being so hopeless, she kissed him on the lips as if he needed to know this could be a game changer.


ivy's closet said...

I'm glad she took her chance.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, Syreeta. I hope it works.

Sara Gerard said...

I like her, I hope he realizes what a great girl he has and to lighten up a bit!

lucy and sarah said...

Zac is full of mixed signals.

Aurelia said...

sounds interesting...........
Happy Easter

Caitlin and Megan said...

I like Syreeta's spunk.