Friday, March 29, 2013

that's all it is

Zac needed to snap out of it, before it was too late. Had he kissed Syreeta back? He didn't mean too.

He scurried up the steps of the basement.

"Drinks, we need drinks." He felt a little shaky. This was not what was suppose to happen.

"Are you, all right, honey?" His mother was in the kitchen standing at the sink, washing dishes. He watched her. Had she noticed who was downstairs?

"Yeah, sure." He nodded as he jerked open the fridge. He found some diet drinks.

"Where are your friends?" She asked.

"I dunno. Syreeta's here." His smile was quick, but what was he smiling about, as he stared down at his black Chuck Taylors. She was making him timid. Maybe it was Syreeta.

"I better get down there." He nodded as if Syreeta might get away from him, somehow. He gritted then as he walked down the stairs very carefully with the canned drinks.

He handed one over to Syreeta, not even asking if she liked diet. That was all they had. His mother was very sugar-free these days.

"You weren't suppose to do that." He eye-balled her.

"I know." She opened the can and took a sip. All casual. He could be casual too. Just not, too casual. "What if we get in ..lets say a situation, where...we do have to kiss?"

"That's not going to happen." He winced, trying to laugh it off. Maybe. They needed to get back to the music. That was why she was here.

"It just feels like a lie," Syreeta winced. "Luna thinks we're so perfect together. What's so perfect?"

He felt as if she could have burned him with that stare.

"Look, you're my best friend's little sister. And the band. I mean, we can't really really date, if we want to this." Zac tried to smile, hoping to sell her on how it should be.

"Yeah, like that's really working." She glared back and Zac couldn't move.

"OK," Zac took a breath. "You, have to believe me. I do fall in love, hard. And its not pretty. It really isn't. You, don't want to see that side of me." He turned from her and shook his head.

He looked back and noticed her arms were crossed.

"You're not a vampire." She informed him.

Zac couldn't help but smile.

"Look, I do need you in the band. And, well, we're friends. We're just friends." Zac knew it was the right thing to do.


Street Fashion Paris said...

Beautiful scene here!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes just friends isn't a bad idea. :/

Yulia Rahmawati said...

very nice here :)

ivy's closet said...

Its good to be friends. I hope Syreeta will be OK.

Sara Gerard said...

Aw, poor Syreeta.

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Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even on Lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3


Caitlin and Megan said...

I'm really feeling sad for her.

lucy and sarah said...

I think he's making a mistake.