Saturday, March 30, 2013

say it ain't so

It was like Fish's mom to leave him with all the clean ups to do. He was next door, but this was the plan... his sister and her husband would move into the little two bedroom place.

Of course, he'd gone around babyproofing the house. The woman who owned it, had a thing for John Wayne on black velvet. He put those in storage and got out a lot of Kat's wedding photos to make the place look a bit more twenty-something instead of seventy-something.

There were fresh bedding and linens. It was looking more for the younger set. Hopefully. He'd help put a race car bed together. His family seriously wanted grand-kids. His mother couldn't wait to meet Keegan.

He vacuumed about, as if he could easily get into this kind of thing, but he hoped his sister didn't want him cleaning for her. She was rather aloof. Just their luck, she'd run away before Wild ever got here. She was that kind of dramatic.

But she wasn't talking to him these days. He could deal. Maybe he needed this. Keeping busy. Staying in his place. At least, he wasn't hiding out in his room.

The doorbell rang. He switched off the vacuum. He wasn't expecting anyone.

It was Shan.

"You're Mom said you were here," Shan said as Fish let him in. Fish remembered his rash phone call from the party, but he guessed things were OK with Henry now.

They hadn't really talked since their little moment in the woods. Fish would not speak of it. Best to forget it. After all, they'd only shared a homemade cigarette. Wasn't like it was a tryst of some kind. Just a smoke between friends.

"What's up?" Fish hoped Shan wasn't up for something, here.

"I just wanted to check on you. See, if you were OK." Shan shrugged. "It was no big deal? Right?"

"No, big deal." Fish pressed his lips tight. He went to put the vacuum away. "I sort of did something, though." He'd tried to tell him before, but Shan wanted to talk about Henry.

"Oh yeah?" Shan sounded as if it were news to him.

"It was kind of weird." Fish shrugged.

"Like how? Out of body experience?" Shan looked at him a bit startled.

"I wouldn't call it that. I got my nerve up. I kissed Derrick." Fish looked as if he would never have the nerve again.

"How did that go?" Shan grinned, slyly.

"Not that great." Fish winced with a look, as if it were a cruel joke now.

"Kissing is one of those things, you got to do a lot of it, until you figure it out. And then you just want to do more of it... to get to the next phase." Shan smirked.

"Well, its not gonna happen." Fish looked up at him as if he could shut up about kissing.

"Now..don't say never ever." Shan looked at him all happy, as if Fish was taking this too serious. "That's why I came over. There is this dinner party, and you should come." Of course, it was Henry and Josie's dinner.

"Why?" He winced as if he were hurt that Shan would even bring something up like a party.

"Ask, Derrick to the party." Shan told him.

"Isn't that your boyfriend's ex?" Fish winced at Shan.

"So." Shan looked at him as if he should go for it. Fish looked up at him as if he'd lost it, or Shan wanted him to ruin the dinner party.


ivy's closet said...

Fish and Shan. What's really going on there? And do I like those names together?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Fish and Shan are treading dangerous waters with their relationship. :/

lucy and sarah said...

I gotta wonder if Shan even knows what he's doing???

Linda said...

I kind of like them together.

lucy and sarah said...

Shan is funny. I gotta wonder if he's trying to get Fish involved with Derrick or not..or just wants Fish at the dinner party for himself.

Anonymous said...

I just don't want Shan playing with Fish's emotions. I do wonder if he truly cares about him. And if he does..does he care more about him than Henry?

Just saying.

Take me to Tarah said...

Do I smell a love triangle? lolTake me to Tarah