Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Right Here

"I just don't understand it." Luc was still in disbelief when Dorian told him about Ruben, and everything else that went down the night of Willow and Jule's wedding. "When, could you have possibly had sex with him?"

At least they were alone to have this conversation. Ricki stayed with Olivia, and Topher was back at work. Luc did feel bad about standing up Dorian when Ruben was here.

"I should have called the cops, but you know, he was just..talking." Loud, Luc remembered.

"Nothing, happened. I guess I should have let him have his say once he got here, but I kept avoiding him." Dorian winced. "I didn't really discuss it with him. Since, you know..I just blanked it out. I mean, I do not remember." He sighed.

"Are you, gonna be OK? Are you, gonna be OK with Eli?" Luc winced wondering what was going on with those two.

"He says we are, but I dunno. He..just looks at me differently now." Dorian bit the corner of his bottom lip in thought. "What about you? What about you and Olivia? Are you thinking of moving in with her?"

"It's just hard for her. Right now. I really like her place. Its really cool." Luc shook his head. "There's so much to think about."

"Oh yeah?" Dorian looked at him as if he better spill.

"We're pregnant." Luc stared blankly at nothing, just thinking of the thought of even saying it.

"What? When?" Dorian's smile was open as he slapped Luc on the back. "Look, this might be the closest thing I ever come to being an uncle." He chuckled.

"I'm doing my best not freak out about it." Luc smiled as if he'd won the lottery. "Its.. just, now we gotta think about telling my parents. Her parents." He sighed. Honestly, he had no idea what Olivia really wanted to do.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Luc and Olivia really need to talk. :/

ivy's closet said...

I like that Luc put it "we're" pregnant. Hopefully, they'll work it out. Too bad, Eli is like this with Dorian.

Gianella Peralta said...

Congrats on the baby!! :)

Sara Gerard said...

Well it looks like someone is happy for them :)

Street Fashion Paris said...


Rachael SparkFire said...

i love when people say "we're" pregnant instead of just "i'm" pregnant. It's so much more magical then because its a thing of two people instead of one!

MOSAMUSE said...

its an exciting time... but I dunno how their parents will feel


ellie's desk said...

Love that things are changing for Luc and Olivia

mazzymay said...

Keeping fingers crossed for them.