Thursday, April 25, 2013

a lot like it used to be

"Wow." Ellie wanted to say it, but thought it best to just listen to Roger, and everything happening with him, lately.

She didn't know what to say about Ryan. It was true, Roger's relationship with transgender Ryan was complicated from the get go, but Ellie thought they'd been friends, she and Ryan. Evidently, Ryan needed this journey on 'his' own.

It was nice to see Roger, again. It was an accident they got together. Sort of. She'd seen him at the grocery store. He'd mentioned seeing Olivia at the grocery store too. That's when he told her the news about Olivia and the baby news(which she knew, but was glad to share it with him). So here he was with his brother Sawyer over for dinner.

It wasn't much. Just delivered pizza and a salad. Still, it gave them plenty of time to talk while Sawyer and Hannah hit it off. Of course, Ellie wasn't sure what she should do about Hannah making a fool of herself around the teenager, but he didn't seem to let it get to him, even if she was literally hitting him in the arm.

"So tell me, again, about your Dad and..." Ellie started to ask as she noticed Sawyer doing his best to scurry away from Hannah to watch TV. "and..Sawyer."

" of his Mom's is in rehab and well, the other one couldn't take it. She's...she's backpacking across Europe." Roger explained.

"And your Dad never told you about him?" Ellie was baffled, but nothing shocked her these days. "But, its great, all three of you, together like this." Ellie looked on the bright side as she started to clean up. 

"Not for long," Roger sighed as he helped clean up. "Just when I was getting used to Dad and Sawyer, he's moving in with a girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" Ellie looked up as if his dad was pretty popular.

"Yeah, says he's known her for a while. Like decades. They met in college. They e-mailed each other, forever. When she moved back, I guess they started seeing each other. Sawyer, doesn't even know her. Its gonna be a shock for him. I mean, she's got a teenage son." Roger didn't sound very optimistic about the new transition. "I told him, Sawyer could stay with me, but he thinks Sawyer needs a reliable parent. I get what he's saying, but you know, to live your whole life with two Moms and a dad who was more like a distant uncle is a lot to deal with. Now this."

"I'm glad you're fond of him, Roger." Ellie smiled. "I guess you'll have a lot of free time soon, to start dating again.'

"No. No..I'm not going down that road." He promised. Ellie nodded, maybe that was best. For now.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes a break from dating is a good idea. :/

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Ellie and Roger are talking. I think they have both grown up a lot.

Sara Gerard said...

Roger seems very much the adult in this situation.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Roger is so different now. I like it.

lucy and sarah said...

Sounds like a lot of changes coming.

Linda said...

I'm glad Roger can be a good big brother.

Chris Ed said...

Really interesting talk! Happy weekend, kisses chris