Sunday, April 14, 2013

its a party

Henry guessed he'd over stepped his bounds with Shan. Maybe he was running this like some sort of marathon. But they needed to know each other. Right?

As he looked at Shan now, he guessed it was the wrong stuff. Perhaps. He'd made Shan practice over a week with hand gestures and how to guess at movie titles correctly. Wasn't like they'd get an award for such ridiculous miming.

After all, it was Zac who took the prize. He was great with all the cool moves. And his girlfriend was right every time. It was so weird. Henry could hardly stand it.

"You, need to try harder." He found himself saying to Shan, but it was like talking to someone who's mind was in another world. What was he thinking? And who was he thinking about?

Henry went off in a pout to brood about it.

"What's wrong now?" Josie found him in the kitchen. He was already trying to clean up.

"Nothing." Henry wasn't smiling though.

"Its just a dinner. With friends." She looked at him brightly as she put her hand on his back out of concern.

He hugged himself tighter. Everyone else was having fun but him.

 Max and Sara were here, along with Crosby and Lola. Even Daisy and Hansen. They all seemed so in tune with each other. What was their secret?

"Right." He sighed. Still it felt like something was missing. He was doubting Shan. Henry couldn't help it.

They'd looked so good together in plush black vests over matching plaid shirts and black bow ties. They were a team. Weren't they?

"Come on, its our party. We are the hosts." She pulled him away from dirty dishes he was putting in the dishwasher. Still Henry pressed his lips tight.

He knew who Shan was thinking about, and it wasn't him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Henry. Shan is totally breaking his heart. :(

ivy's closet said...

Maybe he's making too much out of it. But I dunno. Possibly, Shan has no idea what he's really doing, either.

lucy and sarah said...

Aw, I hope this won't get the best of Henry.

Caitlin and Megan said...

Hopefully, its not the end.

Anonymous said...

Henry might be putting too much into this. They just need to talk more.

MOSAMUSE said...

hopefully they can work it out

Chris Ed said...

Poor Henry! They should talk.