Wednesday, April 10, 2013

more than dinner

Syreeta guessed it was settled she was going to the dinner party with Zac. After all, here he was for their family dinner. It wasn't that she'd exactly expected it. It just seemed right to Fish.

"It was you, who invited him." Syreeta really tried to act indifferent about it.

Fish cleared his throat as Wild and Keegan made their arrival.

"Mom, did it." He looked at her serious as they'd best act normal. Syreeta looked at Zac as if she'd have to act as if he was her boyfriend because her mother was already introducing Zac as Syreeta's boyfriend. And Wild shook Zac's hand.

Wild was so friendly, and the little boy he was holding looked as if he couldn't be sure about them, but Fish offered him a cookie and immediately they were friends. Fish went off to show him where the toys were.

Syreeta suddenly felt so alone, but Zac put his arm around her, and Wild told her she'd grown a lot since the last time he'd seen her.

Syreeta let a smile slip because honestly Wild was so easy to talk too, yet Kat looked to be in a mood that she really couldn't stand it here.

Soon enough, Syreeta helped her Mom with the dinner, warming in the oven, Ham with all the trimmings. Stuffing too. They laid it out as if it might be a special holiday. Still Kat was stoic, as if she might not budge from the couch that she'd been sleeping on, night after night.

Syreeta hated feeling this way about her. She really did want to know her, but Kat was so angry and silent as dinner progressed.

In spite of the cookie, Keegan ate ham and took to the mashed potatoes like pudding.

"I dunno how he does it." Wild grinned. He told them the three year old had been through so much, but he could sleep anywhere, and he did like to go. "Although, I think he needs a run at the moment."

Syreeta couldn't help but watch Keegan. How could Kat not like him?

After dinner, Keegan brought her a board book from the box of toys. He wanted her to read to him. She couldn't help but sit down with him on the big cushy couch in the livingroom. If only Zac could be just as cuddly as Keegan, Syreeta really wished Zac liked her.


Benlovesting said...

So lovely! X

ivy's closet said...

Aw, too bad Zac can't notice these things.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Keegan is such a cutie! :)

Sara Gerard said...

What a mix of emotions! I am glad she liked Keegan!

Milex said...

pretty amazing

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, maybe Zac will notice.

ellie's desk said...

Oh..such an interesting bunch.

Simon and Josh said...

I think its funny that the Sexondale guy would be their dad.

Rachael SparkFire said...

That is too sad! :(

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MOSAMUSE said...

im glad that wild was there fore her. I wish Zac liked her too!