Thursday, April 18, 2013

never again

Syreeta didn't even find Fish at home. He was next door at Wild and Kat's. Keegan was asleep in his arms, and Fish was almost dozing himself in front of late Nick at Nite on the TV.

"Are they out, again?" Syreeta didn't get it. Was going out all the time the secret to a good relationship?

"I think he's networking. They went to some after party, at a concert." Fish sighed as his chin touched the top of Keegan's head. Honestly, they did look cute together. Syreeta knew Fish would make a great dad, some day.

She had a box of leftovers for him. In fact, two. One with the main course, and another full of cupcakes and cookies.

"So? How was it?" Fish curiously asked as he slowly got up with Keegan to put him to bed.

"OK. I guess." It was best to remain indifferent. It was hard to say how she felt about Zac, anymore.

She followed Fish back to Keegan's room. Fish put him to bed.

"Glad you came when you did. I'd be asleep by now." He whispered as he sneaked back out and closed he door very quietly.

"I won. OK. We won." She sighed, once they could talk in the livingroom. "Zac's got skills." She kind of hated that about him.

"Oh yeah?" Fish grinned as if wanted to know more. "As in kissing?"

She rolled her eyes.

"No. He's.... such a player." She'd decided. "He can act so...I dunno." Why did she believe him, about anything?

"What did you win?" Fish asked.

She showed him the gift certificate to the movie theater. Syreeta felt a lump of distress lodged solid in her throat. She could hardly breath, without feeling she might wail into tears. At least, she was promising herself that Zac was not her boyfriend. He would never be her boyfriend. She planned on going out with the next guy who asked her out.

The sad thing was, no one but Zac had ever asked her out.


ItsMeRoxy said...

Great post dear!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe she should give him a shot. :/

ivy's closet said...

Hopefully, she's wrong about Zac.

lucy and sarah said...

Not an easy time for her.

Anonymous said...

So bitter sweet for Syretta.

Sara Gerard said...

Oh poor Syreeta! She needs to stay positive.

Caitlin and Megan said...

I think she's learned from her mistakes..perhaps. I'm hoping good things come her way.